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Efficiency Of Cird, Pgf2α And Gnrh Combination To Synchronize Estrus At Field Level In Swamp Buffalo For Artificial Insemination (Author: Dinh Van Cai, Luu Cong Hoa, Dau Van Hai, Nguyen Huu Tra, Hoang Khac Hai)
Thứ năm, 22-03-2012 | 13:45:57

Dinh Van Cai, Luu Cong Hoa, Dau Van Hai,
Nguyen Huu Tra, Hoang Khac Hai




The current study was conducted on private farms of Binh Phuoc, Nghe An, Thanh Hoa and Thai Nguyen provinces, with 120 landrace buffalo cows. These animals were raised under extensive production system. The buffalo cows were randomly allocated into three groups. Each included 40 buffalo. Group 1 inserted CIDR (day 0) and removal that on day 10. Group 2  insert CIDR during the 7 day treatment period. Buffalo cows received Fertagyl (2ml) on CIDR insertion day (day 0), after CIDR removal (day 7) injection 2ml Cloprostenol. Group 3 was similarly treated by the protocol  of  group 2 plus 2ml Fertagyl (day 9). The buffalo of group 3 were fixed - time artificially inseminated (TAI) at 16h after the second injection of Fertagyl.  All buffalo in the experiment were artificially inseminated by Murrah semen. It has been observed that all the three protocols buffalo cows tend to exhibit body heat within 40h after PGF2α administration. The percentage of  estrus animals ranged from 50 to 75%. For the first protocol, estrus buffalo percentage  was 57.5% then the second of 75% and the third of 75%. The chi-square test addressed no significant difference among protocols (P=0.417). Pregnant animal percentage to first service resulting on application of first, second and third protocols for buffaloes was 56.52% (13/23); 55.17% (16/30), and 40% (16/40), respectively. Number of pregnant buffaloes after two AIs on application of  third protocol obtained 23 higher than second of 20 and first of 16. Pregnant buffalo percentage offered no significant difference among the three protocols via chi-square test. Estrus synchronization with fixed time AI eliminates the practical problems of heat detection in buffaloes.


Keywords: Estrus synchronization, Pregnant  rate, Swamp buffalo, Timed artificial insemination.

From: Vietnam Journal of Agriculture & Rural Development

The Eleven year No. 178 – 2011, page 59-64

Author: Dinh Van Cai. Email: dinhvancaiias@yahoo.com.vn

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