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Growth and nutrient digestibility responses of Brahman-cross cattle to concentrate supplementation (Author: Do Van Quang, Đau Van Hai, Peter Doyle, David Parsons)
Thứ sáu, 23-03-2012 | 14:44:13

Do Van Quang(1), Đau Van Hai(1), Peter Doyle(2), David Parsons(3)



The experiment was carried out at Ben Cat Ruminant research Center, IAS to determine the appropriate level of concentrate supplementation to basal diet of rice straw + cutting grass for growing beef cattle.

Twenty males cattle of cross breed Lai sind x Brahman at 11-12 months of age were used in randomized block s layout (RDL) trial with 5 levels of concentrate supplementation to basal diet as - 0; 0.6; 0.12; 0.18 and 2.4 % of dry matter per live weight.

The results showed that:

There was the tendency, with increase of concentrate level in cattle ration, there will be positive response in live weight and consequently the average dairy gain; but at the levels 1.2; 1.8 and 2.4 % concentrate  of  body weight, the  growth rate was not  significant deferent.

Dry matter intake of cattle increased with increase in concentrate level in feed ration for cattle; of which the highest dry matter intake was seen in group T3 where the concentrate level was 1.8%/ live weight.; and the lowest dry matter intake was in control group. But the grass and rice straw intake decreased with increase in concentrate level in cattle ration.

With increase in concentrate level in cattle ration, the digestibility of dry matter, organic matter, protein, fat, energy increased, but ADF digestibility decreased.

The profit of group T2  where cattle ration supplemented with concentrate feed at 1.2 % of body weight was highest

Key words: Concentrate supplement, Digestibility, Basal diet


(1) Insititute of Agricultural Science for Southern Vietnam

(2) Department of Livestock Production, New South Wale, Austrlia

(3) University of Tasmania


From: Vietnam Journal of Agriculture & Rural Development

The Eleven year No. 180 – 2011, page 60-66

Author: Đo Van Quang  Email: quang.dv@iasvn.org

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