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Improving profitability of maize production on low efficiency rice-growing land
Thứ ba, 21-07-2015 | 15:19:13


Trinh Quang Khuong, Le Ngoc Phuong,
Nguyen Ngoc Nam, Le Quy Kha



Acreage and grain yield (GY) of maize in Vietnam have continuously increased in recent years but GY (4.8 ton/ha) is till lower than that of the world average (5.2 ton/ha). Therefore, opportunities for increasing yield and production of maize in Vietnam as well as in Mekong Delta in particular are still very large. Ministry of Agriculture and Rurak Development is planning to shift 30 thousand ha of low efficiency rice growing areas in to maize by 2015 and 80 thousand ha by 2020. Implementing that policy, new maize hybrids and advanced cultivation package on nutrient management and planting density were demonstrated in Phong Dien district, Can Tho city in 2014. Compared to rice cultivatio, farmers practice of maize production in Summer-Spring 2014 brought benefit of million VND 3.237/ha while demonstration plots of 40 hectare brought benefit of million VND 4.518/ha.

Key words: Potential yield, grain yield (GY), corn production, farmer practices (FP), Integrated Crop Management (ICM)

From: Journal of Vietnam Agricultural Science and Technology

No.5 (51), 2014, page 105-111

Author: Trinh Quang Khuong  Email: trinhquang_khuong@yahoo.com

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