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NGUYỄN THẾ NHUẬN. 2021. NPK influences associated with photoperiod on growth and development of free-pathogen G0 potato seeds (minitubers) at Da Lat”. PhD Thesis on Crop Science. Institute of Agricultural Science for Southern Vietnam.
Thứ hai, 10-05-2021 | 09:24:36


The study aims at scientific parameters on supports, nutrients, pH, photoperiod sensitivity to identify the suitable practices on G0 potato seeds’ productivity increasing.


The medium included 1:1 volume of coconut fiber and peat soils became the best support of potato seeds after tissue culture. The medium also adapted to mechanization how to enhance root growth.


The medium included 100% coconut fiber became the best support for mini potato seeds under greenhouse conditions. The productivity obtained 180 tubers/m2. The number of tubers having 3-10 g, obtained 30 tuber/m2. The number of tubers having 10 g, obtained 117 tubers/m2.


The treatment of 202 N, 66.5 P, 313.5 K, 160 Ca,  , 48 S, 4.0 Fe, 0.66 Cu, 0.22 Zn, 0.5 Mn, 0.26 B (ppm, pH=6.0, EC = 1dS m-1) was identified to be the most promising impact to mini potato seeds’ producing in the coconut fiber medium.


Treatment of a short day with 10 hrs light obtained the best one for cv. Atlantic. It obtained 7.4 tubers per plant and 569.7 tubers/m2. For PO3 variety, the productivity offered 9.5 tubers per plant and 732 tubers/m2.


Treatment of nutrient shocking through reducing 100% N concentration in soluble nutrition, pH 4.0, 48 hrs at 30 days after treatment for cv. Atlantic, at 35 days after treatments for cv. PO3; lead tuber number per plant increasing. Potato variety Atlantic offered 10.6 tubers per plant, 308 tubers/m2. Potato variety PO3 offered 13.3 tubers per plant, 369 tubers/m2.

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