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 - Study on food stuff for animal(2005)

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- Hybrid Maize by Single Cross V2002 (2003)

- Tomato Grafting to Manage Ralstonia Disease(2005)

- Cassava variety KM140(2010)

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Tuesday, 09-09-2014 | 08:18:52

Cassava bagasse is a fibrous residue obtained from the tapioca starch factories, which contains high starch and cellulose. In addition, it comprises some valuable components like proteins, pectin, lignin, fat, ash, and minerals.

Wednesday, 03-09-2014 | 12:08:14

Information on genetic diversity among traditional varieties is critical in breeding programs as this influences parental selection in varietal development. A total of 100 traditional varieties in the genebank of the Cuu Long Delta Rice Research Institute (CLRRI), Vietnam, were used to explore this diversity using SSR markers.

Thursday, 14-08-2014 | 10:37:46

P deficiency is considered as an important limitation of crop productivity. The lowland rice areas of Southern Vietnam as Fluvisols, Acrisols have been emphasized to be investigated how to improve the problem.

Monday, 21-07-2014 | 14:11:20

Dong Nam Bo (DNB) (South-eastern Region) is considered as one of the most favorable areas in the country to promote desirable crops, which are intensively grown for export purpose. Rubber, coffee, black pepper, cashew nut, maize, groundnut, and vegetable have been developed successfully.

Friday, 27-06-2014 | 13:49:19

Thesis Abstract:  “Research on identifying new varieties and cultivated techniques protocols to improve productivity and economic efficiency in tomato cultivation in Red River Delta”. PhD. Thesis. Dang Van Nien.

Friday, 27-06-2014 | 13:46:51

Information on new findings of the doctoral thesis: Title of the research “Studying the growth, development capacities and technical measures to increase yields, qualities of some exotic orchid cultivars (Cattleya, Dendrobium, Oncidium) for Northern Vietnam” (PhD. Thesis: Hoang Xuan Lam)

Wednesday, 26-03-2014 | 16:01:31

A total of 310  lines (BC2F2) derived from the cross of OM5930/N22 were evaluated for heat stress at flowering. Genetic map was set up with 264 polymorphic SSRs to detect linkage to the target traits. The map covers 2,741.63 cM with an average interval of 10.55 cM between marker loci. Markers associated with heat tolerance were located mostly on chromosomes  3, 4, 6,  8 , 10, and 11

Tuesday, 25-03-2014 | 08:44:05

RNA silencing has been regarded as a natural self-defense mechanism to protect plants from their pathogen invasion. Thus, there has been a variety of gene silencing strategies developed and exploited the natural pathway to generate virus-resistant plants. The newly developed artificial microRNA technology is generally recognized as an effective method of down-regulating target genes.

Thursday, 13-03-2014 | 13:59:10

The study on rice production and marketing via survey showed that farmers in Mekong had 0.5 ha, 2.2 ha and 6.5 ha for minimum, average and maximum farm size per household, respectively. 100% households carried out their rice production in winter- spring (Dong Xuan-DX) and summer- autumn (He Thu- HT) seasons

Thursday, 13-03-2014 | 13:39:19

The study showed that capacity of rice milling plants ranged from 30 tons to 500 tons per day, average of 170.2 tons/day. There were 20% millers operated over ideal capacity / year, from 130 – 141%. However, almost millers (80%) operated below ideal capacity/year. The paddy inputs among millers were ranged from 6 tons to 500 tons/day, average with 136 tons/day.


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