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 - Study on food stuff for animal(2005)

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- Hybrid Maize by Single Cross V2002 (2003)

- Tomato Grafting to Manage Ralstonia Disease(2005)

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Friday, 30-11-2012 | 09:57:34

The andrographis paniculata samples with more than 8.5% Diterpen lacton (DL) compounds was collected to research on anti-bacterial as well as immune responses. Based on the results, the process of DL extracting from andrographis paniculata and the production process of DL powder were established to produce the DL product.

Friday, 02-11-2012 | 14:02:14

Soybean production in Vietnam has recently been threatened by the widespread dissemination of soybean rust (SBR) caused by the fungus Phakopsora pachyrhizi. Application of molecular breeding is considered as a feasible method to improve soybean rust resistance and minimize the adverse effects from overuse fungicides in this country

Monday, 29-10-2012 | 13:28:50

In South East Asia, rice straw is the principal crop residue fed to livestock; it is estimated that 40% of total rice straw produced goes to animal feed. Rice straw is a high lignin, high silica and low digestibility feedstuff, therefore a method to increase its nutritional quality would benefit animal production

Friday, 19-10-2012 | 10:27:53

Thix study aims to evaluate and compare the effects of two herbs: IAS-1 herb extract prepared from stem and leaf powders of Andrographis Paniculata (Burm.f.) Nees (37.2%), Tinospora Crispa (L.) Miers (40.1%) and Ginger (Zingiber officinale Roscoe) (21.8%) and IAS-2 herb extract made up from stem and leaf powders of Pouzolzia zeylanica (L.) Benn (21.6%)

Wednesday, 17-10-2012 | 11:54:19

The objective was to determine the effects of ascorbic acid (AA), trichostatin A (TSA), and their combined treatment (TA) on reprogramming and development of cloned porcine embryos. Embryos treated with AA (50 and 100 mg/mL) had a higher blastocyst rate than controls (49.6% and 44.0% vs 30.7%, P < .05).

Monday, 07-05-2012 | 15:44:03

Morphological characteristics of 20 black pepper cultivars commonly grown in principal production areas representing for three agro-ecological regions in the Southern provinces (Dong Nai, Ba Ria-Vung Tau, Dak Nong, Gia Lai and Phu Yen provinces) were recorded based on descriptors for black pepper developed by the International Plant Genetic Resources Institute

Friday, 06-04-2012 | 09:55:33

Quality of water and pond mud from the aquaculture of catfish (Pangasianodon hypopththalmus) and the impact on the surrounding environment. The impact of aquaculture, especially of catfish (Pangasianodon hypopththalmus), on the sustainability of agricultural development was investigated.

Thursday, 05-04-2012 | 14:18:39

The nutrient requirement for the high performance dairy cows is not met in many farms currently due to the low protein content in commercial dairy feeds and the huge loss of protein in rumen. The reason of protein loss in rumen comes from the use of untreated ingredients in complete feed production

Friday, 23-03-2012 | 14:44:13

The experiment was carried out at Ben Cat Ruminant research Center, IAS to determine the appropriate level of concentrate supplementation to basal diet of rice straw + cutting grass for growing beef cattle.

Thursday, 22-03-2012 | 14:23:59

OM576 is improved rice variety, that was obtained by selection from the lines derived from a cross between IR84 and Hungary rice for high grain yield, pest and disease resistance, adatability and good tolerance to Southern rice cultivation condition of Viet Nam


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