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Wednesday, 2018/10/03 | 08:13:57

-  AFASI delegation including 20 members from Korea, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam had a mutual discussion at the IAS in Sept.13, 2018.

Monday, 2018/09/10 | 09:34:30

Scientific delegation from the Philippines included Dr. Rossana Mrie C. Amongo, Rice Mechanization Expert; (2) Dr. Victor A. Rodulfo, Jr., Coffee Mechanization Expert, SEARCA; (3)  Mr. Alexis C. Del Rosario, Cassava Mechanization Expert, SEARCA; (4) Ms. Maylyn G. Desamparo, SEARCA project assistant; (5)  Mr. Ria Salustia Dg. Duminding,

Wednesday, 2018/08/08 | 09:42:05

The delegation of Jiangsu Shinuo Lighting Co. discussed to IAS scientists about cooperation on commercial  LED under Vietnam markets, July 27, 2018.

Monday, 2018/07/16 | 08:32:56

- The delegation of Taiwanese farmer association paid a short visit to understand dragon fruit practices and consuming in Vietnam, June 12, 2018.

- Ms. Siti Khadijah binti Hasbullah, Division of Economy and Planning, Mr. Hafiz B. Hussin, Prime Minister Bureau; Ms. Eyani Saffina Jamil, Division of International Strategy & Panning, Ministry of Agriculture and Commodity

Wednesday, 2018/06/06 | 10:13:30

The Bangladeshi Agricultural Delegation including Mr. Shah Muhammad Nasim (Project Director, National Agricultural Technologies, Ministry of Agriculture, Dhaka; Bangladesh); Mr. Md Liakot Ali (Head, Integration Bureau, Ministry of Fishery and Husbandry);

Thursday, 2018/05/17 | 08:36:56

Mr. Kang, Beom Kyu, The National Institute of Crop Sciences (NICS), Korea, collaborated with Hung Loc Centre’s scientists to Development of efficient soybean breeding system by improving generation acceleration and seed multiplication methods projects; April 16 – 20, 2018.

Tuesday, 2018/05/15 | 12:40:11

Dr. Indira López Arguelles (Consul General); Dr. Lino Pérez Ramírez (Chief Administration), Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City, Republic of Cuba; paid a short visit IAS; March 21, 2018.

Monday, 2018/03/05 | 14:04:52

Prof. Dr. Ryuji ISHIKAWA, Hirosaki University, Japan, wild rice germplasm conservation, February 28 2018.

Dr. Cho Young Chan, NICS, Korea, rice yield trials in Mekong Delta, February 28  to March 3 2018.

Monday, 2018/01/08 | 08:05:57

- Mr. Seo, Jeong-Hyun, Korean Crop Science Institute; Project on “Efficient Soybean Based Cropping Pattern via improved growth of segregants and seed technology approaches”; December 4 - 8, 2017.

- Prof., Dr. Li Xiao Hui, Ass. Prof., Dr. Zhou Yu Liu, Dr. Li Xun Jiang, Nanjing Agricultre University, China, December 15-17, 2017.

Monday, 2017/12/11 | 08:15:27

- Prof. Dr. Katalin Posta, Faculty of Agriculture and Ecology, SZENT ISTVÁN UNIVERSITY, Hungary; paid a short visit to discuss about crop production’s water saving, November 3, 2017. 

- Mr. LIM Tau Boon, Director, Arif Efektif Co., Vice Manager, Real Strong Organic Fertilizer Inc., Malaysia, discussed about microorganism fertilizer for black pepper and rubber via MOU, which is being prepared, November 6, 2017.


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