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Sunday, 2013/10/13 | 05:26:41

In the last 6 years, rice production in several countries in Asia has been threatened by persistent outbreaks of rice planthoppers, mainly the brown planthopper (BPH) and the white back planthopper (WBPH).  In China each year about a million tons of rice is lost.  Vietnam in 2007 lost about a million tons and the government stopped exports.

Saturday, 2013/10/12 | 14:50:10

Microbiologist Dilfuza Egamberdieva from the National University of Uzbekistan at Tashkent has isolated salt-tolerant bacterial strains that live in salt-degraded soils, where they help the rooting process in plants. The bacteria Pseudomonas extremorientalis, are salt-resistant and grow close to the roots, where they compete with other bacteria for colonization.

Friday, 2013/10/11 | 08:17:17

Hanoi City's Delegation of Deputies to the National Assembly organized a meeting with voters, represented by scientists and intellectuals in the agriculture sector of Hanoi, at the Institute for Agriculture Genetics last October 5. The event is one of the Delegation's activities to seek comments and suggestions of  voters on the issues relating to science, technologies and food security before the sixth section of the National Assembly commences in Hanoi.

Tuesday, 2013/10/08 | 08:20:08

European Union's chief scientific advisor Anne Glover fully supported the report published by the European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC). The Report concluded of the "grave scientific, economic and social consequences of current European Union policy towards GM crops." It also says that European countries should "rethink" their widespread rejection of the technology. Glover said she fully endorsed the EASAC statement.

Monday, 2013/10/07 | 08:42:13

In September 2012, the PLANTWISE pilot project for Thailand rice pest management was approved.  PLANTWISE modules for rice were developed and in May 2013, the first training of “plant doctors” was conducted. Fifteen plant doctors underwent 2 weeks of training in methods in pest and disease diagnoses, running of plant clinics, communication skills with farmers and reporting findings from farmers.

Sunday, 2013/10/06 | 08:51:33

An international team of researchers under the leadership of the Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology in Tübingen and Wageningen UR has studied two key genes that regulate flowering time in response to ambient temperature. The research team focused on two genes, FLM (FLOWERING LOCUS M) and SVP (SHORT VEGETATIVE PHASE).

Saturday, 2013/10/05 | 08:43:36

A recent discovery by a team of University of Missouri researchers could be the first step to helping crops use less nitrogen. Gary Stacey, professor of plant sciences at the University of Missouri, found that crops, such as corn, are "confused" when confronted with an invasive, but beneficial, bacteria known as rhizobia. When the bacteria interact correctly with a crop, the bacteria receive some food from the plant and, simultaneously, produce nitrogen that most plants need. However, Stacey found that many other crops recognize the bacteria, but do not attempt to interact closely with them.

Friday, 2013/10/04 | 08:54:52

The United States Animal and Plant Health Inspection has deregulated three genetically modified events in corn and canola in three separate directives. Herbicide tolerant corn event VCO-O1981-5 developed by Genective was evaluated under the Plant Pest Risk Assessment which concluded that it is unlikely to pose a plant pest risk and should no longer be subject to regulations.

Thursday, 2013/10/03 | 08:09:35

The sixth annual conference entitled "Vietnam Biotech: Growing the Future" was co-hosted by the US Embassy and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in Hanoi on September 24. The event brings together researchers, policy makers, and students to discuss the benefits of agricultural biotechnology for Vietnam's food security, health care, and climate change adaptation.

Tuesday, 2013/10/01 | 08:09:35

The Wheat Productivity Enhancement Project (WPEP), a joint research collaboration of the United States and Pakistan held a two day Annual Wheat Planning Meeting in Islamabad, Pakistan on 20 September 2013. Discussions were focused on reviews of progress of the past wheat growing season and on developing a plan for breeding, disease surveillance, and agronomy research in the coming years.

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