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Friday, 2014/09/19 | 07:44:25

An IFAD grant-supported programme has demonstrated the enormous potential of bamboo in contributing to rural poverty reduction in several countries in Africa. One of the fastest growing plants on earth, bamboo has been used to create jobs, economically empower women and protect the environment.

Tuesday, 2014/09/16 | 08:06:29

Villagers in the northern state of Kachin in Myanmar used to be stuck home for months when the monsoon season started.  “In past rainy seasons, the road which runs through our village got very boggy. Students and travelers from our village found it difficult to get to school and to work,” says Ma Sang Nan, one of the 52-persons team who helped restore the road and construct a rain water drain in her village of Tat Kone.

Monday, 2014/09/15 | 08:47:33

The last passenger pigeon named Martha died on September 1, 1914. This species once numbered three billion or more, are now extinct. But what if the passenger pigeons could be bought back? They can't be raised from the dead but de-extinction can make this happen. Scientists can get DNA from stuffed corpses in museums like Martha, who now lies in Smithsonian Institution

Sunday, 2014/09/14 | 06:16:18

Local government constituents from Pangasinan province in the Philippines, including municipal agriculturists and farmers, students, members of the media, and other stakeholders signed a declaration of support for the commercial planting of the pest resistant Bt eggplant in the country, during the conclusion of a Public Dialogue on Bt eggplant held at the Pangasinan State University (PSU) Campus on September 3, 2014.

Saturday, 2014/09/13 | 16:26:28

FAO's monthly food price index registered another drop in August, continuing a 5-month downward run and reaching its lowest level since September 2010. The index's August average of 196.6 points represents a decrease of 7.3 points (3.6 percent) from July. With the exception of meat, prices for all of the commodities measured by the index dipped markedly.

Friday, 2014/09/12 | 07:59:29

An international team of scientists has generated a high-quality draft genome of Robusta coffee (Coffea canephora). Published in the journal Science, the genome study compared the plant's genetic sequences with those of grapevine, tomato and Arabidopsis

Thursday, 2014/09/11 | 07:59:57

Brazil, the second largest grower of biotech crops in 2013, is now looking at growing biotech eucalyptus trees. Biotech eucalyptus trees, developed by FuturaGene, produces 20 percent more wood than conventional trees and is ready for harvest in 5.5 years instead of 7

Wednesday, 2014/09/10 | 16:07:25

Extreme weather events can cause changes in ecosystem balance that can disrupt ecosystem services and favor crop pest development resulting in heavy crop losses and misuse of pesticides. However, links between climate change and pest scenarios and adaptation strategies are not well known. To explore the impact of climate change on crop pests and diseases and adaptation strategies, a workshop was held in Ho Chi Minh City on 30 July to 1 August 2014.

Tuesday, 2014/09/09 | 08:08:39

Researchers from Uppsala University present the first global analysis of genome variation in honeybees. The research findings show the high level of genetic diversity in honeybees, and traced the origins of honeybees back to Asia instead of Africa, as previously believed. The research, published in the journal Genetics, examined the DNA of 140 honeybees from populations in the US, Brazil, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Monday, 2014/09/08 | 13:06:22

Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) Chief Executive, Alan Reilly, said that it is time to put aside irrational and non-science based fears of new technologies in the interest of consumers everywhere. He mentioned this in his article in the FSAI newsletter titled Genetic Modification - Are the Food Safety Concerns Still Justified?

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