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Wednesday, 2019/07/31 | 08:16:31

Almost a year since the passing of the Genetic Engineering Regulatory Act (GERA), farmers are still waiting on the commercialization of biotech crops in Uganda. The Act—passed by the Parliament of Uganda in November 2018—would provide a framework to regulate commercialization of genetically engineered crops in Uganda, but is yet to be assented to by the President of the country.

Tuesday, 2019/07/30 | 08:26:03

Amidst the debate whether genetically engineered crops are harmful or beneficial especially to farmers in developing countries, some people are joining in to decide if the new gene editingtechnology, CRISPR, is really just "GMO 2.0", or an advanced and helpful tool in speeding up the plant breeding process. In July, the European Union's Court of Justice decided that crops made with CRISPR are to be classified as genetically engineered, but in the US

Monday, 2019/07/29 | 08:08:18

Kenya's bid to commercialize Bt cotton has received a major boost after a section of religious leaders in the country endorsed the GM crop. Speaking on July 18, 2019 during a farm visit to cotton farmers in central Kenya, the clerics endorsed cultivation of Bt cotton saying it will improve smallholder farmers livelihoods who bear the brunt of huge losses every season due to the African bollworm infestation.


Sunday, 2019/07/28 | 08:05:16

The world is off-track to meet most of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) targets linked to hunger, food security and nutrition, according to a FAO report released today. "The report paints a grim picture. Four years into the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, regression is the norm when it comes to ending hunger and rendering agriculture and the management of natural resources - be that on land or in our oceans - sustainable," said Pietro Gennari, FAO Chief Statistician.

Saturday, 2019/07/27 | 06:12:13

Since 1989, farmer field schools (FFS) have been empowering farmers to drive sustainable development at the local level. Originally conceived as a way to help Indonesian smallholders apply integrated pest management approaches in rice production, FFS have since found success in a wide variety of contexts around the world. Since 1989, an estimated 20 million smallholders have participated in FFS, which are now implemented in over 90 countries.

Friday, 2019/07/26 | 07:12:32

In partnership with the Global Crop Diversity Trust (GCDT), IRRI hosted the Seed Quality Management (SQM) Workshop on 10-14 June, 2019, with IRRI’s Jae-Sung Lee, deputy overall management of IRRI Genebank, convening the event. The SQM led by Dr. Fiona Hay, a former IRRI scientist and now working at Aarhus University, Denmark, is one of core activities in the CGIAR Genebank Platform. It pursues to improve seed quality and longevity through better genebank practices based on scientific evidences.

Thursday, 2019/07/25 | 06:45:42

Perfect Day, a start-up company based in the US, developed a new kind of animal-free ice cream. The founders, Ryan Pandya and Perumal Gandhi, call it flora-based ice cream because it was made using genetically engineered yeast. In a matter of days, the limited-edition samples run out, as its website announces that the "perfect ice cream" was sold out.

Wednesday, 2019/07/24 | 08:03:19

In the northern regions of Viet Nam, forestry and agriculture provide livelihoods for nearly 80 percent of the population. However, nearly half of all households own less than one hectare of land, which often prevents farmers from earning the income they need. To help smallholder farmers find ways to raise their incomes – while sustainably using forest resources – the Forest and Farm Facility (FFF) partnered with the Viet Nam National Farmers’ Union (VNFU) to support farming families in forming life-changing cooperatives.

Tuesday, 2019/07/23 | 07:54:19

Large proportions of crops are discarded during or after harvest, including plant parts containing proteins, fats, and fiber. Professor Luisa Trindade, professor at the Department of Plant Sciences at Wageningen University and Research (WUR) said this has to change. "The world needs plants that can be used fully, to the last molecule," she said.

Monday, 2019/07/22 | 08:02:35

The United States Department of Agriculture-Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA-APHIS) is looking into the discovery of genetically engineered (GE) wheat in an unfarmed agricultural field in Washington, USA. Upon thorough investigation, the USDA determined that the GE wheat were glyphosate resistant and developed by Bayer CropScience (previously Monsanto). The varieties detected were MON 71300 and MON 71800.

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