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- Hybrid Maize by Single Cross V2002 (2003)

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Wednesday, 2022/05/04 | 08:07:51

Experts from the Building an Economically Sustainable Integrated Cassava Seed System, Phase 2 (BASICS-II) have shared insights encouraging cassava farmers to access and benefit from improved cassava planting materials for the 2022 planting season. They highlighted these during a recent webinar for experts and farmers, organized with the GIZ Green Innovation Centres for the Agriculture and Food Sector (GIAE) and IITA Cassava and Maize Value Chain Project.

Tuesday, 2022/05/03 | 05:51:19

With the world facing multiple crises including, COVID-19, conflicts, climate crisis and biodiversity loss, our forests can help us recover from their impact, but only if we step up action to unlock their potential. In a key report launched today, the State of the World’s Forests Report 2022, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) sets out three pathways for doing that: halting deforestation; restoring degraded land and expanding agroforestry and sustainably using forests and building green value chains.

Monday, 2022/05/02 | 07:06:58

Many measures have been proposed to control varroa mites (Varroa destructor), one of the most significant bee pests globally. These measures include physical and chemical treatments, but researchers are still pursuing other methods to reduce their threat and one of them is through gene drive technology. Existing methods are laborious, not completely effective and may affect the bees.

Sunday, 2022/05/01 | 06:27:17

Through genetic engineering (GE), a photosynthesis enhancement trait was incorporated into hybrid poplar trees that resulted in the trees' increase in speed growth as well as a 53% increase in the production of above-ground biomass. This is proof that plant biotechnology can increase terrestrial carbon capture and storage which is not possible with conventional trees. Decreasing carbon in the atmosphere is an important means to combat climate change.

Saturday, 2022/04/30 | 05:58:52

A research team led by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service and Washington State University (WSU) found that the Sclerotinia sclerotiorum fungus uses a protein to bypass the natural defenses of plants and cause extensive rot in hundreds of broad leaf plant varieties. According to Weidong Chen, corresponding author of the paper published in Nature Communications, Sclerotinia causes stem rot on more than 600 plant species, including peas, lentils, canola, potatoes, soybeans, and many other broad leaf crops

Friday, 2022/04/29 | 07:57:26

Institute for Basic Science (IBS) and Seoul National University researchers developed a gene editing tool than can precisely interchange adenine (A) with guanine (G) within the mitochondrial genome. This breakthrough, reported in the Cell journal, has the potential to expand the range of mitochondrial mutations that can help cure human genetic diseases.

Thursday, 2022/04/28 | 07:59:48

Researchers from various fields of expertise at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are working together to reduce agriculture-driven emissions, combat climate change, and produce healthier crops. This multidisciplinary project titled “Revolutionizing agriculture with low-emissions, resilient crops” is one of the five flagship winners in the Climate Grand Challenges competition, which aims to tackle complex climate challenges and deliver timely revolutionary solutions.

Wednesday, 2022/04/27 | 07:56:26

Groundnut Network Group – Asia is a platform of public and private sector partners along the groundnut value chain to engage in groundnut Product design, development, testing, and delivery. The GNG-A is also a platform for continued knowledge sharing on new tools and technologies that can be used in groundnut breeding and testing to enhance rate of genetic gains for key target traits, as well as share practices of selection by phenotyping and genotyping for the key traits

Tuesday, 2022/04/26 | 09:18:17

Researchers were able to identify a protein that regulates a quantitative trait locus that has the potential to increase kernel row number in maize ears and grain number per rice plant. They did this by comparing a specific genetic region in each plant and the results could provide opportunities for developing improved crops with enhanced production.

Monday, 2022/04/25 | 08:04:22

A study initiated by the Institute for Feed Education and Research (IFEEDER) found that using feeds free from genetically modified (GM) ingredients may cost more for players in the livestock and poultry industries. The act can also lead to increased greenhouse gas emissions and decreased chances of preserving biodiversity habitats.


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