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Saturday, 2021/09/25 | 05:50:29

Consumer attitudes towards genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and their products require continuous research to help address local and international concerns about consumer health and environmental safety. In a recent study, it was found that consumers' concerns are decreased significantly when they are continuously exposed to a science-based message by a trusted organizational body.

Friday, 2021/09/24 | 07:14:53

A new project is being pursued by scientists from the University of California Riverside to develop edible plants into mRNA vaccine factories. If successful, plants such as lettuce and spinach can produce the vaccines and be grown in backyards and even entire fields.The mRNA technology is currently being used to produce COVID-19 vaccines in plants. It works by teaching human cells to recognize and protect the body against infectious diseases.

Thursday, 2021/09/23 | 07:50:45

The future of agri-food systems needs to be built on science and innovation if it is to meet the complex challenges facing humanity, QU Dongyu, Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) told Members today. “The transformation of agri-food systems demands innovative systemic changes”, Qu said.

Wednesday, 2021/09/22 | 07:59:12

A group of scientists from the University of Maryland, Texas A&M AgriLife Research, and US Department of Agriculture, is developing a system that involves gene-editing technology to kick-start the regeneration or regrowing of plants from edited cells."The limitations of current regeneration methods are throttling the development of enhanced nutritional and agronomic traits," said Jeff Rosichan, director of the Crops of the Future Collaborative.

Tuesday, 2021/09/21 | 07:14:27

Researchers at the Pilbright Insitute have used CRISPR-Cas9 to prevent the southern house mosquito from spreading human and animal diseases.The female southern house mosquito largely feeds on birds, resulting in the transmission of avian malaria, an important contributor to the extinction of several avian species. This mosquito species also target mammals, spreading diseases such as lymphatic filariasis, for which there are 50 million human cases worldwide.

Monday, 2021/09/20 | 07:17:54

A recent study was conducted to understand farmers' perspectives regarding co-existing biotech and organic methods in the Philippines. The results can help policymakers develop a national agriculture agenda that takes farmers' choice of crop and farming methods into account.Thirty-five biotech farmers and 35 organic farmers from the Philippines were interviewed to explore how farmers view the concept of co-existence and understand their decision-making process and what influential factors affect this process.

Sunday, 2021/09/19 | 08:06:26

Chinese researchers found that increasing the information in labels of genetically modified foods can increase the consumers' willingness to buy them as they will be more informed about the benefits attributed to the GMFs.The study was conducted to match the consumers' different information processing mechanisms by adding marketing information clues and regulating their purchase intentions by contradictory attitudes towards GMFs.

Saturday, 2021/09/18 | 07:58:37

A woman's shift to a plant-based diet and her discovery that she was lactose intolerant have now produced a cheese using plant-based casein from genetically engineered soybeans. Casein is the protein found in cow's milk that gives cheese all of its functionality—including its incredible stretch, melt, and mouthfeel. Former Shell engineer Magi Richani, the head of Nobell Foods said, "We discovered a way to basically turn plants into little factories for making casein, so you don't have to get it from a cow.

Friday, 2021/09/17 | 07:26:03

Researchers at MIT's McGovern Institute and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard have exposed a class of programmable DNA editing systems called OMEGAs (Obligate Mobile Element Guided Activity), which may play a role in shuffling small pieces of DNA throughout bacterial genomes. The details of their discovery are published in Science. Programmable enzymes, particularly those that use a RNA guide, can easily be adapted for various purposes

Thursday, 2021/09/16 | 07:09:29

Those divisions have been widening of late. But they aren’t nearly as incendiary as social or “affective” polarization, which is about anger, distrust, resentment, tribal identity, and mutual loathing (see Fig. 1). As a team of prominent social scientists warned last year, social polarization in conjunction with legislative gridlock and hyper-partisan media have created an “American sectarianism” that threatens democracy itself.


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