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Thursday, 2019/07/11 | 08:42:03

Years of relentless efforts led by Uganda Biosciences Information Center (UBIC) to integrate modern biosciences into Uganda's middle/secondary schools' curriculum were finally rewarded. Uganda's Ministry of Education and Sports endorsed a new curriculum for agriculture course unit that requires students to be trained on modern biosciences including modern biotechnology applications.

Wednesday, 2019/07/10 | 07:51:45

South Asia Biotechnology Centre (SABC) based in New Delhi, India, through the project Safeguarding Agriculture and Farmers against Fall Armyworm (SAFFAL), in collaboration with Taralabalu Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Davangere; Department of Agriculture, Karnataka; and University of Agriculture and Horticultural Sciences, Shivamoga met maize farmers, extension officials, retailers, and local media during a workshop on management of fall armyworm (FAW) at Taralabalu Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Davangere, Karnataka on June 29, 2019.

Tuesday, 2019/07/09 | 08:06:34

In a recent interview for IEG Policy's new special report titled Smart Solutions for Food and Farming: A Policy Perspective, EuropaBio's Secretary General, Joanna Dupont-Inglis talked about her organization's views on the European Union's policy on GM crops and genome editing. Dupont-Englis said she objects the European Court of Justice ruling in July 2018 because the ruling could cause European life science innovation to grind to a halt, citing that Europe's world-leading scientific community is also calling for change.

Monday, 2019/07/08 | 08:35:36

Around 50 participants from different partner agencies gathered for the two-day Consultative Workshop on Strengthening Partnerships for Biotechnology Advocacy in the Philippines held last June 26-27, 2019 in Los Baños, Laguna.Ms. Ann Lopez, Director-Coordinator of the Department of Agriculture Biotechnology Program Office (DA-BPO), spoke about the need for enhanced cooperation among the institutions. "The foundation of a national IEC program is a synergistic partnership

Sunday, 2019/07/07 | 06:09:04

Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory have discovered that the protein that turns on oil synthesis also activates a protein that puts the brakes on the same process.The scientists found that a protein known as BADC exerts its braking mechanism by inserting itself into ACCase, a key enzyme involved in making fatty acids.

Saturday, 2019/07/06 | 06:09:46

Members of Parliament from Uganda have called upon the Kenyan government to fast track the commercialization of Bt cotton so that the entire East African Community can benefit from its advantages. This was during a genetic engineering regulatory learning visit to Kenya. Uganda Biosciences Information Center (UBIC) collaborated with ISAAA AfriCenter to organize a learning visit on genetic engineering regulation for policymakers and regulators.

Friday, 2019/07/05 | 07:58:41

The bacterial gdhA gene encodes NADH-GDH enzyme. The gdhA-transgenic tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) plants exhibited high growth performance and enhanced herbicide resistance as well as drought tolerance. In addition, the gdhA gene when expressed in maize plants could increase productivity because of improving stress tolerance.

Thursday, 2019/07/04 | 08:27:40

DREB transcription factor group is related to responses of plants to abiotic stresses including drought. In a study conducted by Vietnamese scientists, the ZmDREB2A transgenic maize lines at the seedling stage were evaluated for drought resistance and biochemical characteristics. 

Wednesday, 2019/07/03 | 08:05:06

CropLife Pakistan conducted a value assessment trial of genetically modified (GM) maize seed technology to exhibit benefits of biotechnology and allow key stakeholders to observe first-hand the performance of the GM maize hybrids in the field. The event emphasized the importance of cultivating GM maize in Pakistan to move from subsistence farming practices to more technologically advanced commercial farming

Tuesday, 2019/07/02 | 08:18:17

Intrexon Corporation has announced that their Non-Browning GreenVenus™ Romaine lettuce is advancing to commercial trials. Data from commercial indoor production showed that GreenVenus™ has improved shelf life up to 2 weeks and has no tip burn. GreenVenus™ has been assessed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and is not to be subject to regulation under 7CFR Part 340 for plants altered or produced through genetic engineering. GreenVenus™ will also help in reducing food waste.

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