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Wednesday, 2020/02/26 | 07:23:04

When nutrients in their environment are exhausted, bacterial cells become arrested for growth. During these periods, a primary challenge is maintaining cellular integrity with a reduced capacity for renewal or repair. Here, we show that the heat-shock protease FtsH is generally required for growth arrest survival of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and that this requirement is independent of a role in regulating lipopolysaccharide synthesis, as has been suggested for Escherichia coli.

Tuesday, 2020/02/25 | 08:32:23

Most land plants form symbioses with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF). Diversity of AMF increases plant community productivity and plant diversity. For decades, it was known that plants trade carbohydrates for phosphate with their fungal symbionts. However, recent studies show that plant-derived lipids probably represent the most essential currency of exchange. 

Monday, 2020/02/24 | 08:18:38

Microbial communities associated with roots confer specific functions to their hosts, thereby modulating plant growth, health, and productivity. Yet, seminal questions remain largely unaddressed including whether and how the rhizosphere microbiome modulates root metabolism and exudation and, consequently, how plants fine tune this complex belowground web of interactions.

Sunday, 2020/02/23 | 07:11:08

Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) is one of the most important root staple crops in Zambia. An estimated 30% of Zambians, over 4 million people, consume cassava as part of their daily diet. Cassava is mostly grown by subsistence farmers on fields of less than 1 ha. Cultivation of cassava is hampered by several biotic constraints, of which cassava mosaic disease (CMD) is currently the most important factor limiting cassava production in Zambia. CMD occurs in all the cassava-growing provinces and accounts for 50% to 70% of yield losses countrywide.

Saturday, 2020/02/22 | 07:32:50

Broadening the diversity of cultivated soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merrill] through introgression of exotic germplasm has been difficult. Our objectives were to (1) determine if introgressing specific chromosome segments (instead of quantitative trait locus alleles) from exotic soybean germplasm has potential for improving an elite cultivar, and (2) identify strategies to introgress and pyramid exotic chromosome segments into an elite cultivar. We estimated genomewide marker effects for yield and other traits in seven crosses between the elite line IA3023 and seven soybean plant introductions (PIs).

Friday, 2020/02/21 | 08:16:35

The lack of naturally occurring resistance to citrus psorosis virus (CPsV) necessitates a transgenic approach for the development of CPsV-resistant citrus. To evaluate the feasibility of conferring resistance to a non-transgenic scion, we have assembled citrus plants by grafting combining a non-transgenic Sweet Orange as scion, CPsV-resistant transgenic Sweet Orange lines expressing intron-hairpin (ihp) RNA

Thursday, 2020/02/20 | 08:36:47

In plants, enhanced defense often compromises growth and development, which is regarded as trade-offs between growth and defense. Here we identified a gene, OsALDH2B1, that functions as a master regulator of the growth–defense trade-off in rice. OsALDH2B1 has its primary function as an aldehyde dehydrogenase and a moonlight function as a transcriptional regulator.

Wednesday, 2020/02/19 | 08:25:59

Predicting the performance of untested single-cross hybrids through genomic prediction (GP) is highly desirable to increase genetic gain. Here, we evaluate the predictive ability (PA) of novel genomic strategies to predict single-cross maize hybrids using an unbalanced historical dataset of a tropical breeding program.

Tuesday, 2020/02/18 | 08:16:14

Multiple disease resistance (MDR) aims for cultivars that are resistant to more than one disease which is an important prerequisite for the registration of commercial cultivars. We analyzed a European winter wheat diversity panel of 158 old and new cultivars for four diseases by natural (powdery mildew) and artificial inoculation (yellow rust, stem rust, Fusarium head blight) observed on the same plot in a multilocation trial.

Monday, 2020/02/17 | 11:24:25

We have identified an abscisic acid (ABA) sensitivity-associated gene from soybean, ABA-Sensitive 1 (GmABAS1), that belongs to the little-known 1R-subtype of MYB transcription factors. Here we describe its role as a transcriptional repressor which regulates ABA sensitivity. The truncated naturally mutated version, GmABAS1∆, was employed as a negative control.

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