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 - Study on food stuff for animal(2005)

 - Study on rice breeding for export and domestic consumption(2005)


- Hybrid Maize by Single Cross V2002 (2003)

- Tomato Grafting to Manage Ralstonia Disease(2005)

- Cassava variety KM140(2010)

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Sunday, 2019/09/22 | 05:53:43

In response to the series of debt crises prevalent across emerging markets in the late 1990s, a permanent group of major world economies, known as the G20 (Group of Twenty nations), was formed in 1999 to promote international financial stability. G20 leaders hold annual summits, where they discuss trade and economic policy-related issues among member countries. Since 2008, however, the group’s agenda has expanded given the increasingly fluid nature of the world economic activities.

Saturday, 2019/09/21 | 08:02:38

In September, world leaders gather at United Nations Headquarters to signal how they will boost action to respond to the climate emergency and ensure the health and wellbeing of people, everywhere.Action is being taken to address these challenges. Investment in inclusive and sustainable economies can unleash significant opportunities for shared prosperity.

Friday, 2019/09/20 | 08:23:26

Within the cloud of icy rocks at the edge of the solar system lie objects that have remained virtually untouched since their formation more than four billion years ago. Last January, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft made the first flyby of one such primitive sample, an object known as 2014 MU69 and nicknamed “Ultima Thule” (although that label has proved controversial*).

Thursday, 2019/09/19 | 08:20:29

As the global food system comes under increasing pressure, research is needed to boost productivity, reduce emissions, and manage climate-related risks and shocks in agriculture – particularly among smallholder farmers. The scale of agricultural research through CGIAR needs to double over the next ten years if the world is to meet urgent challenges posed by climate change, according to a report released today by the Global Commission on Adaptation.

Wednesday, 2019/09/18 | 08:18:06

A new sorghum hybrid developed using ICRISAT breeding material was recently given special recognition as the Outstanding Forage Hybrid 2019 for revolutionizing forage sorghum production in India.This is significant considering that currently, India – the world’s leading milk-producing country – has a major deficit of 35% for green fodder.

Tuesday, 2019/09/17 | 08:14:25

Corn, chocolate, tomato, avocado, chili peppers… when we think of Mexico, many delicious products come to mind. Those products are already part of many diets around world. However, unless you live in Mexico or one of its neighboring countries, you may never have tried cactus pear leaves or even heard of them. Actually, the cactus pear or prickly pear (officially called Opuntia but known as nopal in Mexico)

Monday, 2019/09/16 | 08:26:47

Interfacial mixing and transport are nonequilibrium processes coupling kinetic to macroscopic scales. They occur in fluids, plasmas, and materials over celestial events to atoms. Grasping their fundamentals can advance a broad range of disciplines in science, mathematics, and engineering. This paper focuses on the long-standing classic problem of stability of a phase boundary—a fluid interface that has a mass flow across it

Sunday, 2019/09/15 | 06:09:30

Plants manufacture compounds to help them repel pests, attract pollinators, cure infections and protect themselves from excess temperatures, drought, and other hazards in the environment. Salk Institute researchers who are studying how plants evolved the abilities to make these natural chemicals have now uncovered how an enzyme called chalcone isomerase evolved to enable plants to make products that are important to their survival.

Saturday, 2019/09/14 | 07:17:05

The chloroplast splicing and ribosome maturation (CRM) domain proteins have functions in the splicing of chloroplast gene introns. Several CRM domain proteins have been discovered to be involved in chloroplast development in many plants, but their functions in rice are still yet to be known.

Friday, 2019/09/13 | 08:12:36

Global warming has resulted not only in increased incidences of drought and heatwaves but also increased rainfall which brings higher flood risk. Flooding is a major problem for crops as too much water deprives them of oxygen and suffocates them. Scientists at Utrecht University have discovered how some plants quickly detect being underwater when flooded, and how these plants initiate processes that prevent them from drowning.

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