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Tuesday, 2014/05/13 | 07:56:10

A study recently discovered the insecticidal activity of Orysata, a lectin from rice (Oryza sativa L.) belonging to the family of jacalin-related lectins. The efficacy of Orysata in controlling insect pests was investigated against three important insect pests: the beet armyworm (Spodoptera exigua) and two aphids pests: green peach aphid (Myzus persicae) and pea aphid (Acyrthosiphon pisum)

Monday, 2014/05/12 | 09:18:56

Fresh-cut fruits and vegetables show faster quality deterioration and shorter shelf life than intact produce due to the processing involved. Hence, the study examined the effectiveness of allicin in prolonging the shelf life of fresh-cut lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.). Allicin (also called garlicin) is the natural active substance present in garlic commonly utilized as a flavor enhancer and an additive to extend the shelf life of fresh pork, dry sausages, and fresh grapes.

Monday, 2014/05/12 | 09:16:58

There is clear and present danger that another global food price crisis will arise in the future. This is based on the result of the Ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Bali in December 2013. It was shown that several WTO member countries have refocused on internal domestic politics,

Monday, 2014/05/12 | 05:50:00

Genetically modified (GM) soybean DAS 81419-2 which contains two novel insect resistance genes has been given nonregulated status by the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Technology developer Dow Agrosciences said the Bt combination provides broad in-plant protection against lepidopteran pests such as (Spodoptera frugiperda), soybean looper (Pseudoplusia includes), velvetbean caterpillar (Anticarsia gemmatalis), soybean podworm (Helicoverpa gelotopoeon) and tobacco budworm (Heliothis virescens) as well as Rachiplusia nu.

Sunday, 2014/05/11 | 07:01:24

In vitro somatic embryogenesis (SE) tissue culture is an approach able to speed up the development and deployment of plants due to its potentially high multiplication rate and scalability. This is the new approach considered in the propagation of the cacao tree (Theobroma cacao L.). Cacao is a highly heterozygous crop and requires vegetative propagation through grafting and rooted cuttings to multiply.

Friday, 2014/05/09 | 07:52:47

Zambian Cotton Board secretary, Dafulin Kaonga, acknowledged the government's precautionary policy in adopting biotech crops. Kaonga mentioned this during the launch of the Global Status of Commercialized Biotech/GM Crops 2013 held at the University of Zambia in Lusaka.

Friday, 2014/05/09 | 07:50:26

Genetic diagnostic markers are being developed by the Texas A&M AgriLife Research to identify wheat streak mosaic virus resistance. The study, which includes AgriLife Research and Kansas State University scientists will provide wheat breeders a new tool to breed wheat varieties resistant to the region's most prevalent disease.

Thursday, 2014/05/08 | 07:51:21

6 MAY 2014 – Since 2000, Africa has seen remarkable growth. The sustained boom in commodity prices, the information and communications technology revolution, rapid urbanization and the demographic shift to a younger population present exciting new opportunities for the continent.

Wednesday, 2014/05/07 | 08:31:53

1 May 2014, Rome – Six traditional farming systems in China, Iran and South Korea known for their unique characteristics and approaches to sustainability have been designated Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) by FAO.

Tuesday, 2014/05/06 | 08:07:02

Tobacco companies have turned to use of modern biotechnology to make tobacco less harmful for people who patronize their products. When this is achieved, people who smoke tobaccos will be less exposed to health hazards.


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