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Sunday, 2013/12/08 | 06:20:45

Ghana's Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry Nii Lantey Vanderpuye has reaffirmed the commitment of his  government to introduce Bt cotton farming. The Minister made the declaration when he visited the Bt cotton and Bt cowpea trial sites on 29 November in Tamale, Ghana. The Minister noted that the government was concerned that the country's cotton production was well below potential and that the government had identified introducing Bt cotton as one of the strategies for revamping the sector.

Saturday, 2013/12/07 | 06:55:20

The African Orphan Crops Consortium (AOCC) has launched the African Plant Breeding Academy to help improve the livelihoods of Africa's smallholder farmers and their families, reduce hunger, and boost Africa's food supply.

Friday, 2013/12/06 | 08:28:13

The journal Food and Chemical Toxicology retracted the article Long term toxicity of a Roundup herbicide and a Roundup-tolerant genetically modified maize authored by a group led by Gilles Eric Seralini which was published in November 2012

Thursday, 2013/12/05 | 07:57:59

The Biotechnology Information Center in Hanoi, in collaboration with the Faculty of Biotechnology of Hanoi, University of Agriculture held a seminar and writing contest on biotech crops on November 26, 2013. Taking part in the event were more than 400 participants composed of teachers and students.

Wednesday, 2013/12/04 | 10:49:42

CASSAVAVIET. “Tony was a dear friend and a scientist of the highest caliber, who dedicated his entire working life to the pursuit of development impact through agricultural research. We will miss you Tony!” Dr. Ruben Echeverria, Director General of CIAT said. Dr. Anthony Bellotti was a great teacher, outstanding scientist, and great friend for Cassava in Vietnam.

Tuesday, 2013/12/03 | 07:59:08

Salicylic acid is plays an important function in turning on plant defense mechanisms during pathogen attack. Salicylic acid methyltransferase (SAMT) regulates the amount of salicylic acid by converting salicylic acid to methyl salicylate University of Tennessee scientist Jungyu Lin and colleagues reported that SAMT gene from soybean (GmSAMT1) plays a significant function in the plant's defense against soybean cyst nematode

Tuesday, 2013/12/03 | 07:57:10

A team led by University of Geneva (UNIGE), Switzerland Professor Roman Ulm, has generated a transgenic plant which acclimatizes constitutively, regardless of ultraviolet B (UV-B) levels. This plant has a constantly active receptor, which endows it with higher UV resistance, associated with increased flavonoid production, substances which function as a 'sunscreen' and as antioxidants.

Monday, 2013/12/02 | 10:33:10

Canada's Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz has announced an additional investment of CAD$ 1.26 million under the project Growing Forward 2 for an ongoing research to combat the wheat disease known as Ug99. The research is led by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC).

Sunday, 2013/12/01 | 15:09:21

A group of researchers led by the U.S. Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute (DOE JGI) have completed a draft sequence of the monkeyflower (Mimulus guttatus) genome. They also identified the historic footprints of DNA recombination events that have shaped the development of this plant species for hundred thousand years. By extension, these observations should inform new plant breeding strategies that could be vitally important to developing improved bioenergy plant feedstocks.

Saturday, 2013/11/30 | 15:11:19

A symposium titled Genetic Science Makes Life Better organized by Chinese Society of Biotechnology (CSBT), Beijing Institutes of Life Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS), and The National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences (NSLC), supported by International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications (ISAAA) was held on Nov.24, 2013 at Academic Hall of NSLC.

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