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Tuesday, 2013/06/11 | 08:26:32

Hon. Owen Paterson, UK Minister for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs, delivered a speech in the British Irish Food Business Innovation Summit held on May 29, 2013. He said that the Summit and the food sector have an important role to play in helping unlock the potential of the UK and Irish economies. He emphasized that the success of the food industry can be attributed to its ability to embrace new technologies such as GM technology.

Tuesday, 2013/06/11 | 08:25:24

Namibia's Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry has officially opened an Agricultural Laboratory which will among be used for GM analysis in crop seeds. The laboratory which has been upgraded at a cost of N$10 million boasts some of the latest technological equipment used in GMO testing

Monday, 2013/06/10 | 08:09:48

Researchers from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and other institutions are investigating the genes in rice involved in controlling the uptake and storage of vital minerals with the goal of improving the nutritional value of rice, the staple food of about half of the global population.

Sunday, 2013/06/09 | 15:04:50

The Africa Rice Center's (AfricaRice) Breeding Task Force released new generation of high-performing rice varieties under a new brand called 'ARICA' which stands for 'Advanced Rice Varieties for Africa.' The Breeding Task Force comprises international and national rice breeders from 30 African countries and operates as part of the Japan-funded project Developing the Next Generation of New Rice Varieties for Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia.

Friday, 2013/06/07 | 08:07:33

“Hopper Race” is a short documentary on the rice planthopper problems that have been threatening the sustainability of rice production In Asia. Filming began in 2008 at the opening workshop of the ADB-IRRI Rice Planthopper and was launched at the International Conference on Rice Planthoppers in 2012

Thursday, 2013/06/06 | 16:17:48

Vietnamese and Japanese scientists have agreed to study genetically modified cassava to develop high yielding cassava varieties that will help reduce soil erosion or depletion in cassava-growing areas. A document to this effect was signed in Yokohama, Japan on May 22 between representatives of the Japan Institute of Physical and Chemical Research and the Vietnam Institute of Agricultural Genetics.

Thursday, 2013/06/06 | 11:26:28

Harvard professor and international development expert Calestous Juma in his speech at McGill University emphasized that developing countries will need agricultural technology innovations, particularly transgenic crops to feed their people. Professor Juma said that while 28 countries are now benefitting from planting such crops, not all regions of the world are reaping their full benefits.

Monday, 2013/06/03 | 08:15:06

Plants lack the ability to move away from environmental stresses such as pests and pathogens. Thus, they evolved to have complex immune systems to protect themselves from such harm. Recent studies have shown that plant hormones known as jasmonates play an important role in such kind of defense

Saturday, 2013/06/01 | 14:34:59

A Feed the Future-supported program implemented by HarvestPlus has been demonstrating the benefits of orange maize ever since three new varieties that provide higher levels of vitamin A were released in 2012 by the Zambian Agricultural Research Institute.

Friday, 2013/05/31 | 09:38:14

Genetically modified (GM) crops have been in rapid development worldwide in recent years. However, a problem of low level presence (LLP) of GM products is emerging because of asynchronous approvals among importing and exporting countries, and low tolerance level for adventitious presence of GM products unapproved by importing countries. Major concerns have been raised about LLP leading to trade conflict and even trade disruption.


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