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Saturday, 2019/08/17 | 07:14:06

Rapid environmental change is driving the need for complex and comprehensive scientific information that supports policies aimed at managing natural resources through international treaties, platforms, and networks. One successful approach for delivering such information has been the development of essential variables for climate (1), oceans (2), biodiversity (3), and sustainable development goals (4) (ECVs, EOVs, EBVs, and ESDGVs, respectively).

Friday, 2019/08/16 | 06:08:17

Developing genetic resources for legume crops, innovative and sustainable seed platforms, strengthening national agricultural research systems’ (NARS) breeding programs, releasing over 307 improved varieties of focus legume crops and training 52 young scientists to be the torchbearers of agricultural science in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia were some key achievements of the Tropical Legumes project.

Thursday, 2019/08/15 | 07:09:06

CRISPR-Cas9 was used for the mutagenesis of seed storage protein genes in soybean as reported by Western University scientist Chenlong Li and colleagues in BMC Research Notes. Soybean seeds are valuable source of proteins for food and feed globally. Storage proteins conglycininc and glycinins, encoded by a small family of genes, account for total soy seed protein. Mutant versions of these genes are vital in soybean breeding programs since the relative abundance of the protein subunits impacts amino acid composition and food properties.

Wednesday, 2019/08/14 | 08:16:43

Photosynthesis is the process by which plants and algae capture sunlight and fix carbon dioxide into energy-rich sugars that fuel growth, development, and in the case of crops, yield. Algae evolved specialized carbon dioxide concentrating mechanisms (CCM) to photosynthesize much more efficiently than plants. A team of scientists from Louisiana State University (LSU) and the University of York discovered a previously unexplained step in the CCM of green algae, a key to developing functional CCM in food crops to boost productivity.

Tuesday, 2019/08/13 | 08:20:07

Scientists at the Tokyo University of Science led by Prof. Sachihiro Matsunaga have identified a novel epigenetic regulation mechanism that is involved in DNA damage repair in plants. At the center of the mechanism is a histone demethylase enzyme called lysine-specific demethylase 1-like 1 (LDL1), which according to Professor Matsunaga has a lot of real-world applications.

Monday, 2019/08/12 | 08:13:12

Over three-fourths of farmers in the United Kingdom are in favor of adopting genetically modified (GM) crops should the regulatory environment in the country enable it, according to a poll conducted by Farmers Guardian, an online portal specializing on agricultural-related digital content in the UK.

Sunday, 2019/08/11 | 06:53:40

Rice and its wild relatives naturally contain an immense amount of genetic variation, including variants conferring superior yield, enhanced nutritional quality, and improved biotic and abiotic stress tolerances – indeed for all the major targets for achieving impact through developing improved rice varieties. This theme searches for the best sources of genes and genotypes with valuable traits and transfers them to rice breeders in a form that can be easily used to improve the best rice varieties. It focuses on the traits that will have highest impact and have proved the most challenging for breeders to date.

Saturday, 2019/08/10 | 08:10:12

Beyond Meat's plant-based burger is all the rage in Canada these days. Designed to mimic the taste of actual meat, it draws not only vegetarians but also meat lovers with its promise of being a healthier alternative to red meat. Despite its popularity, health experts are still uncertain about it since there is no hard evidence at the moment to prove that the plant-based meat is a better option over beef, as promoted by the company.

Friday, 2019/08/09 | 06:04:51

According to their report in BMC Biotechnology, VARiant-aware detection and SCoring of Off-Targets (VARSCOT) can find 40 to 70% more experimentally verified off-targets compared to other popular software tools. VARSCOT uses a supplied file in variant call format (VCF) to produce a variant genome which is searched alongside the reference genome to identify variant off-targets.

Thursday, 2019/08/08 | 08:23:40

Agriculture is increasingly part of national processes to develop National Adaptation Plans and the climate-smart approach is embedded in this medium to long-term planning process. In Malawi, climate change adaptation was mainstreamed in the new National Agriculture Policy and in the National Agriculture Investment Plan.

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