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Influence of mineral fertilizers and foliar fertilizers to upland rice yield in the Easup District, Daklak Province (Author: Dao Minh So)
Thứ năm, 22-03-2012 | 13:49:15
Dao Minh So

Easup district, DakLak province is nearly 14 thousand hectares of paddy land, accounting for more than 50% of short-term annual crops of the area. Although rice is the main crops, but characteristics of farming systems is an annual crop by cultivated rice on land dominate the area (75%). Easup subregion rice under semi plains, undulating topography, soil is nutrient poor, drought and water shortage happens every year. Upland rice yield is quite low here, popular from 1.5 to 3.0 t/ha. Lack of drought-resistant varieties and fertilizer use is not rational is one factor limiting rice yields in this land. Experimental doses of mineral fertilizers and the effect of the use of foliar fertilizers upland rice yield is one of the technical component is made to raise the efficiency of upland rice cultivation in Easup. Results of studies in 2009-2010 showed that: i) For upland rice varieties LC227, mineral fertilizer doses appropriate to productivity and economic efficiency is reasonable (kg/ha): 60-100 N + 60-80 P2O5 + 30 K2O; ii) The addition of fertilizers through the leaves as Grow-more and K-Humate for upland rice in Easup is effective, in which K-Humate increase rice yields on farmers to clear fields.

Keywords: Reasonable, dose, upland rice, mineral fertilizers, foliar fertilizers, optimum

From: Vietnam Journal of Agriculture & Rural Development

The Eleven year No. 170 – 2011, page 15-21

Author: Dao Minh So  Email: so.dm@iasvn.org

Insititute of Agricultural Science for Southern Vietnam

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