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Model of linking four partners in production of organic rice certified internationally in Vietnam
Thứ hai, 05-02-2018 | 14:19:31

Hay Van Duong, Thanh Cong Nguyen*, Manh Van Nguyen,Kha Quy Le,Anh Tuan Tran, Phuong Thao Thi Phan, An Van Nguyen,Tuyet Thi Hoang

Institute of Agricultural Sciences for Southern Vietnam (IAS), Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


During 2014- 2016, farmers in Chau Thanh district, Tra Vinh province, Vietnam under financial support from Tra Vinh Department of Science and Technology, applying technical package and supervision of IAS and economic contract with Ecotiger Ltd company has been, produced, processed and exported organic rice following standard of EU, USDA and JAS to EU and America. In 2015, mean yield of organic rice was 4.29 MT/ha, while inorganic rice being 5.40 MT/ha, net profit of organic rice was 3,431,000 VND/ha higher than inorganic rice. In total 50 ha, total profit was 1,201,150,000 VND. In 2016, profit of organic rice was 36,481,250 VND/ha, while inorganic rice being 23,950,000 VND/ha. MBCR of organic rice was 2.7 while inorganic rice being only 1.7 and net profit was 12,531,250 VND/ha. Besides, each hectare of black tiger shrimp or crabs rotated after organic rice farmers could harvested 70 million VND, and got net profit 40 million VND. In some farmer fields, models of raising green crayfish intercropped with organic rice along with taking other sources of sea fishes (goby, mullet, or land shrimp) had additional income of 20-30 million VND/ha. In 2015 about 200 MT and 2016 600 MT of organic paddy attained organic standards from EU, USDA and JAS. This quantity had exported to EU and America. Ecotiger conpany strives for 2000 MT under contract with importing partners.


Keywords: Organic Rice; Four Partners Linkage; Organic Standards;Rice-Shrimp Rotation System


Please see detail: Model of linking four partners in production of organic rice certified internationally in Vietnam


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