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Sunday, 2013/07/28 | 06:41:29

A study conducted by researchers from North Carolina State University (NCSU) found that the pathogen that caused the Irish potato famine lives on today with a different genetic blueprint and a new set of harmful genes. NCSU plant pathologist Jean Ristaino, and colleagues from the University of Copenhagen Mike Martin and Tom Gilbert compared the genomes of five 19th century strains of Phytophthora infestans with modern strains of the pathogen.

Saturday, 2013/07/27 | 21:48:25

The National Government of Ghana has approved four crops to undergo GMO confined field trials (CFTs). According to Eric Amaning Okoree, Director of Ghana's Ministry of Environment, Science, and Technology, genetically modified (GM) crops including rice, sweet potato, cotton, and cowpea have so far been approved for CFTs.

Friday, 2013/07/26 | 14:11:10

A new study by an international team of scientists suggests that climate data can help predict some crop failures months before the harvest. The team led by Toshichika Iizumi from Japan's National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences have created and tested a new crop model to examine the reliability and timeliness of crop failure forecasts

Friday, 2013/07/26 | 14:07:11

A project led by the Germany-based Global Crop Diversity Trust and the Millennium Seed Bank in the United Kingdom has analyzed 455 crop wild relatives around the world. The said study revealed that 54 percent among these wild crops are underrepresented in gene bank collections — and that many, including ones at risk of extinction, have never been collected.

Thursday, 2013/07/25 | 08:22:16

Iranian President Elect Dr. Hassan Rouhani's message focused on food safety and health during the 8th National Biotechnology Congress of Iran and the 4th Congress on Biosafety and Genetic Engineering, held recently in Tehran.

Wednesday, 2013/07/24 | 08:34:46

Scientists from Pennsylvania State University are working on a little known gene from Jatropha called JcPIP1, because a similar gene from Arabidopsis is known to play an important role in drought response. They are also testing JcPIP2, another potential drought response gene in Jatropha identified in 2007 by researchers from Sichuan University.

Tuesday, 2013/07/23 | 08:23:36

More than 60 researchers and partners have met under the Support for Agricultural Research and Development of Strategic Crops (SARD-SC)'s event "Partners, Possibilities and Prospects" on July 15 at the 6th African Agricultural Science Week in Accra, Ghana. The SARD-SC project aims to raise the productivity of maize, cassava, wheat, and rice by 20 percent in selected countries in Africa.

Monday, 2013/07/22 | 14:06:55

The Vietnamese government recently issued the regulations on the operation and utilization of a national fund worth 1 trillion VND (47 million USD) to support organizations, individuals, and businesses on technological research, transfer and renewal

Monday, 2013/07/22 | 09:55:23

An international team of scientists have compared the genomes of multiple plants to better understand the factors that account for reduced diversity and gene mutation rate in a species. The team compared three newly sequenced genomes with six previously sequenced genomes including Capsella rubella and another brassica species, the salt-tolerant Eutrema salsugineum.

Sunday, 2013/07/21 | 19:18:21

A two-day workshop on "Nanotechnology and its Applications" was organized by the Egypt Biotechnology Information Center (EBIC) and Nakaa Scientific Foundation on June 26 to 27, 2013 at the Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University.


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