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Friday, 2024/05/31 | 08:27:03

On May 23, the Government of Djibouti launched the pilot release of Oxitec's Friendly™ Anopheles stephensi mosquitoes, the first time a genetically modified (GM) mosquito has been released in East Africa. This ground-breaking initiative marks a crucial step in mitigating the increasing number of malaria cases in the region. The Djibouti Friendly™ Mosquito Program is a public-private partnership between Djibouti's National Malaria Control Program, the public health not-for-profit Association Mutualis, and Oxitec Ltd.


Thursday, 2024/05/30 | 08:13:49

CGIAR, the world’s largest publicly funded agricultural research network, has developed many innovative solutions for the developing world’s smallholder farmers. While CGIAR excels at developing agricultural innovations, bridging gaps between innovative solutions and widespread impact remains a challenge. Scaling innovations for smallholder farmers faces various challenges including 1) how to align innovation demand and supply,

Wednesday, 2024/05/29 | 08:12:02

The all-encompassing nature of the climate crisis means that it is deeply connected to water, energy, food, and ecosystems (WEFE). But how can decision makers use these connections to support climate mitigation and adaptation goals and sustainable development initiatives? This was the urgent question at the heart of the latest webinar from the CGIAR Initiative on NEXUS Gains, held on Wednesday May 15, 2024.

Tuesday, 2024/05/28 | 08:18:53

Women’s vital roles in the tea industry and how to overcome the challenges they face was the theme of today' s celebration for the 2024 International Tea Day hosted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). “Women play a crucial role in the tea industry, substantially contributing to its sustainability, productivity and community development," FAO Director-General QU Dongyu said in opening  remarks at the celebration. “Their contributions underpin the industry's economic viability, social fabric, and sustainable development.”

Monday, 2024/05/27 | 08:09:35

Marking World Bee Day 2024, the Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) QU Dongyu today urged young people to learn more about bees and pollinators, including traditional and high-tech beekeeping, and thus help to safeguard the vital role these small creatures play in agriculture, ecological balance, and biodiversity preservation. Qu made the remarks at a World Bee Day 2024 celebration held at the Italian Presidential Estate in Castelporziano, Rome, with the participation of the President of APIMONDIA, the International Federation of Beekeepers' Associations, Jeff Pettis.

Sunday, 2024/05/26 | 06:06:10

Researchers from University of California Riverside discovered that membrane-free organelles help plants identify shades of light and sense temperature. Future studies may involve controlling where the organelles form to help plants adjust to climate change. Membrane-bound compartments or organelles have been heavily studied by scientists. However, there is limited research on membrane-free organelles, such as photobodies, which help plants sense light and temperature

Saturday, 2024/05/25 | 05:42:05

Professor Toshiki Furuya from Tokyo University of Science (TUS) and his graduate students Shizuka Fujimaki and Satsuki Sakamoto have successfully developed an enzyme that generates vanillin from plant-derived ferulic acid using genetic engineering approaches. Globally, vanilla extract is a widely used flavoring compound in food products and cosmetics. The pleasant and sweet smell of this classic flavor comes from the chemical compound vanillin found in the seed pods of vanilla plants belonging to the orchid family.

Friday, 2024/05/24 | 08:32:36

Misinformation and poor public perceptions about modern biotechnology could derail Africa's bid to tap into the potential of genome editing to increase agricultural productivity in the face of climate change. This emerged during a biotechnology workshop for Zambian biotech scientists and regulators co-organized by the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), the University of California-Davis, AUDA-NEPAD, and ISAAA AfriCenter. The workshop was held in Lusaka from May 13-15, 2024.

Thursday, 2024/05/23 | 08:41:36

The International Livestock Research Institute has launched the second phase of its Enabling a resilient and prosperous community through participatory agroecological practices in the semi-arid region of central Tanzania project (ResComm II). Aiming to improve food and nutritional security using community-based agroecological approaches, the project is being integrated into Tanzania government initiatives.


Wednesday, 2024/05/22 | 08:42:58

Often, we respond to the first question intuitively. We might convene with others to further develop and refine the response. We might make our response transparent by documenting it in a Theory of Change. But often we miss out on responding thoroughly and clearly to the second and third question. To do so, we would need to consider the wide range of factors that influence actors’ agency and behaviors and whether these influences differ for the different actors across the agri-food system.



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