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Sunday, 2022/05/15 | 07:45:19

Activist Cécile Ndjebet, of Cameroon, today won the 2022 Wangari Maathai Forest Champions Award in recognition of her outstanding contribution to preserving forests and improving the lives of people who depend on them. Presented by the Collaborative Partnership on Forests (CPF), which is chaired by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the award was conferred at a ceremony during the XV World Forestry Congress in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

Saturday, 2022/05/14 | 05:59:31

Using CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing technology, scientists at Rothamsted Research have found a way to switch on a dormant gene without inserting foreign DNA and creating a genetically modified organism (GMO). This is the first demonstration of gene editing ‘deletion' approach in any organism, with previous methods not managing this feat in such a precise and predictable way. Professor Peter Eastmond and colleagues used CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing – which is usually used to switch genes off – to bring the gene in question under the control of an existing gene promoter,

Friday, 2022/05/13 | 08:23:28

The nature of social media and calls for transparency make consumer product demands more relevant as gene-edited foods become increasingly popular. However, the information available about the technology is limited and can sometimes be incorrect. Consumers must then have access to the right information to be well-educated about this new food technology to make sound decisions.

Thursday, 2022/05/12 | 07:29:57

The SoyaGen Project aimed to develop genomics-derived solutions to real-world challenges faced by breeders. In its conclusion, the project team documented new tools and approaches that breeders can use to implement molecular, genomics-informed breeding strategies that are broadly applicable to global soybean breeding efforts.The project was a collaboration among Canadian soybean researchers and breeders from the academe, the private sector, and international partners


Tuesday, 2022/05/10 | 08:09:13

Researchers at the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority (EAEA) have commenced the harvest of genetically modified (GM) wheat at the authority's site in Inshas City. The GM wheat has several improved characteristics such as high yielding, tolerance to saline soils, and resistance to water scarcity. The GM wheat can produce over 4 tons per acre, which is almost 1 ton higher than the cultivated Egyptian wheat varieties.


Monday, 2022/05/09 | 08:16:15

Bioceres Crop Solutions Corp. announced on April 29, 2022, that China's Ministry of Agriculture has given its approval for the import and use as a raw material of soybeans produced using Bioceres' proprietary drought tolerance technology, HB4®. Beijing Da Bei Nong Science and Technology Group Co. Ltd., Bioceres' partner in China has confirmed the approval.

Sunday, 2022/05/08 | 05:53:56

Princess Basma bint Ali of Jordan was today named a Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Goodwill Ambassador for Near East and North Africa. In her new role the Princess will help FAO raise awareness about the importance of transforming the world's agrifood systems, to overcome the challenges of persisting and growing hunger. FAO’s Director-General QU Dongyu noted that Her Royal Highness has been a long-time supporter of FAO and a passionate and articulate advocate of biodiversity conservation worldwide and said

Saturday, 2022/05/07 | 07:30:03

Qu was speaking in Seoul at the opening of the XV World Forestry Congress, in a ceremony also addressed by Moon Jae-in, President of the Republic of Korea, Princess Basma bint Ali of Jordan, a newly designated FAO goodwill ambassador, the Republic of Korea’s Forest Service Minister Choi Byeong-am and International Forestry Students’ Association President Magdalena Jovanovic. UN Secretary-General  António Guterres also spoke via a video message delivered by Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed.

Friday, 2022/05/06 | 08:06:25

A new study finds tremendous potential for continuous improvement and mathematical methods to improve breeding schemes, leading to better crops for farmers. The Frontiers in Plant Science paper — authored by the CGIAR Excellence in Breeding team, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) and partners — lays out the potential of systematizing breeding as an industrial process and ensuring programs adopt a culture of continuous improvement.


Thursday, 2022/05/05 | 07:57:29

Cardiovascular diseases remain the leading cause of death worldwide, with atherosclerosis being the most common source of clinical events. Metabolic changes with aging associate with concurrent increased risk of both type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, with the former further raising the risk of the latter. The activity of a selective type of autophagy, chaperone-mediated autophagy (CMA), decreases with age or upon dietary excesses. Here we study whether reduced CMA activity increases risk of atherosclerosis in mouse models


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