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Tuesday, 2019/10/08 | 08:18:25

The IPCC Chair introduced the successful publication IPCC Special Report on Climate Change and Land and highlights of the special report on Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate and highlighted FAO’s contribution to the reports. Both parties agreed that reducing food losses and waste globally is essential for climate change, and noted that reducing food losses is more urgent for developing countries.

Monday, 2019/10/07 | 08:46:10

A new study conducted by scientists from Tel Aviv University (TAU) finds that a unique mechanism involving calcium, the plant hormone auxin, and a calcium-binding protein is responsible for regulating plant growth. The researchers involved in the study say that a protein that binds to calcium regulates both auxin responses and calcium levels, creating an interface that determines how plants grow.

Sunday, 2019/10/06 | 07:02:00

Chilean biologist Simón Ruiz from the University of Talca has developed a transgenic corn variety that can withstand 52 days without water. Ruiz and his research team developed the transgenic corn with genes from a tomato that grows in the Atacama Desert. The research team isolated 78 genes for possible tolerance to droughtsalinity, and cold. To fully understand the function of these genes, the team cultivated the seeds.

Saturday, 2019/10/05 | 08:17:48

Previous studies have shown the microRNA miR396 prevents rice GROWTH-REGULATING FACTORS (OsGRFs) and regulates rice yields and nitrogen assimilation. When miR396 is overexpressed, it targets OsGRF4 and OsGRF6, improving rice yield. Scientists at Chinese Academy of Sciences used CRISPR-Cas9 to evaluate more functions of miR396 in rice.

Friday, 2019/10/04 | 08:24:02

More than 200 stakeholders from four provinces in the CARAGA Region along with representatives from the academe, media, and other attached agencies learned about biotechnology, safety of genetically modified (GM) crops, different biotech products in the pipeline, and the country's biosafety regulations during the Biotechnology 101 and Joint Department Circular (JDC) Public Briefing held on October 1, 2019 in Butuan City

Thursday, 2019/10/03 | 08:01:07

The article by Perakis and Pett-Ridge in PNAS (1) stimulated an interesting discussion (2) on the role of nitrogen-fixing alder in enhancing rock weathering and supply of rock-derived nutrients. The authors ascribe the accelerated rate of weathering to the generation of acidic conditions in the soil due to excess nitrogen (1).

Wednesday, 2019/10/02 | 08:03:43

JFE Steel Corporation has joined the Direct Seeded Rice Consortium (DSRC), led by the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), in March 2019, in order to test the performance of coating rice seeds with iron powder in flooded paddies in the Philippines. Through this partnership, JFE Steel aims to compile an international manual on rice direct seeding with iron-coated seeds through the collaboration of the members of the DSRC.

Tuesday, 2019/10/01 | 08:19:29

Food security and nutrition must be a priority in Small Island Developing States (SIDS), which can count on FAO's support in taking "better coordinated and more coherent actions" towards that goal, Director-General Qu Dongyu said on Friday. Climate change, vulnerability, resilience, disaster risk reduction, isolation, insufficient land resources and dietary changes that favour obesity, are all particular challenges for SIDS, he said at a high-level meeting to review progress along the "SAMOA Pathway", which stands for a broader SIDS Accelerated Modalities of Action framework.

Monday, 2019/09/30 | 08:19:16

Social-cognitive skills can take different forms, from accurately predicting individuals’ intentions, emotions, and thoughts (person perception or folk psychology) to accurately predicting social phenomena more generally. Past research has linked autism spectrum (AS) traits to person perception deficits in the general population. We tested whether AS traits also predict poor accuracy in terms of predicting generalized social phenomena,

Sunday, 2019/09/29 | 06:15:53

Central America faces great challenges in its efforts to adapt to climate change: drought in the Dry Corridor, agricultural losses and the precarious situation of millions of farmers occupies a prominent place in national agendas. When our eyes are set on the present, we run the risk of forgetting that things can change. A research project with strong ties to Central American countries is trying to help decision makers in the region avoid this trap when planning for climate through a focus on anticipating futures and improving climate governance.

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