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CAO THỊ LÀN. 2020. Influence by mediums and nutrients to growth and development, yield and quality of strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa) under greenhouse practices at Da Lat. PhD Thesis on Agronomy. The Institute of Agricultural Sciences for Southern Vietn
Thứ hai, 21-02-2022 | 08:11:38

Strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa) was introduced from France into Vietnam at the 1940s to develop well in Lam Dong province


The study identifies the optimum medium that: rice husk plus burn husk and coconut fiber are the key materials to ensure the quality of growing medium. Strawberry leaf area obtained the best when the medium could absorb 41.0% of water and maintaining 39.4% of aerobic rate. Strawberry yielded the best when water absorption of  36.2% and aerobic rate of 45.0%.


The medium was mixed by 25% of rice husk and 75% of coconut fiber.


Leaf growth, yield and quality positively correlated to N content in nutrient solution.


K content less influenced to leaf growth but yield and quality.


Nutrient solution treatments offered the best result is 210 ppm N and 177 ppm K. Strawberry yielded the best, with high quality in the treatment of 175 ppm N and 215 ppm K.


Strawberry leaf growth offered the best in the treatment of 131 ppm Ca; then 158 ppm Ca suitable to the strawberry desirable yield and quality.


Flowering and percentage of fruit formation needed B in the nutrient solution, with the range of 0,78 - 0,82 ppm. Strawberry yield and quality closely correlated to Zn content with the rate of 0.77 ppm.


In demonstrations, the economic performance reached 23.9 – 25.7% higher than farmer practices  with the medium Eco N1 and nutrient solution of Lieten 1999.


The study identified the suitable practice as the medium of 25% rice husk + 75% coconut fiber with the treatments as followed:


Growth phase: 210 N; 48 P; 177 K; 131 Ca; 28,8 Mg; 38,8 S; 0,80 B; 0,77 Zn; 1,12 Fe; 0,048 Cu; and 1,1 Mn, to develop leaf and stem.


Harvesting phase: 175 N; 48 P; 215 K; 158 Ca; 28,8 Mg; 38,8 S; 0,8 B; 0,77 Zn; 1,12 Fe; 0,048 Cu; and 1,1 Mn.

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