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LAM VAN HA. 2018. Fertilizer Management influencing to Red Soil Fertility and Coffee Productivity in Di Linh, Lam Dong. PhD Thesis. The Institute of Agricultural Sciences for Southern Vietnam
Thứ bảy, 02-02-2019 | 08:36:05

Submitted at the IAS, December 18 2018




Coffee, black pepper, tea and fruit trees have been grown in the red soils (Rhodic Ferralsols – FRr). The study objectives aim at (1) assessing the organic fertilizer, N and P fertilizer application to soil fertility in case of coffee plantation in Di Linh, Lâm Đồng; (2) analyzing the fertilizer application to robusta coffee (Coffea canephora Pierre); (3) proposing a sustainable development of coffee farm under red soil condition.

  1. At the bean coffee yield of 3.6 t/ha; there were 77.0%, 97.0%, 36.0% and 48.0% farmers applying N overuse, P overuse, K deficit and K overuse, respectively. Farmer annually applied 1.0-5.3 t/ha organic fertilizer (av. 2.8 t/ha); 8.5-35.0 t/ha compost (av. 16.8 t/ha) with two-three years/ once. Of them, 55% farmers misused organic fertilizer without fermentation.
  2. If organic fertilizers were continuously applied for three years, soil density and helpful organisms  increased 7.5% and 7.2%; the CEC, OM, available P2O5, available K2O, Ca2+ and Mg2+ increased 21.8%, 36.5%, 12.9%, 64.0%, 48.3% and 31.5%, respectively. Otherwise, Al3+ decreased 2.4 folds; earth worm increased 2.5, 2.6 and 7.6 folds for population rate, size and biomass, respectively.
  3. N fertilizer application of 320 kg/ha/year remained pH H2O as 5.7-6.0, increased CEC, OM, total N, available K2O, Ca++, Mg++; reduced Al+++.
  4. P fertilizer application was recommended as 100 kg P2O5 /ha /year. The treatment of 100, 200 kg P2O5 /ha /year only improved pH, Ca++, Mg++ not affecting to soil microorganism situation.

<>5.The final recommendation is to apply 10 t/ha organic fertilizer plus 320-100-350 kg N, P2O5, K2O / ha / year to increase coffee bean more 1.07 t/ha.

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