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NGUYỄN NHƯ HOA. 2022. Genome sequence data base of Dendrobium spp. to promptly identify species and to access their genetic diversity in orchid landraces from Southern Vietnam. PhD Thesis of Biotechnology. Institute of Agricultural Sciences for Southern V
Thứ hai, 21-02-2022 | 08:09:16



Genus Dendrobium includes the largest species in the Orchinidae in Southern Vietnam.


Genetic data base was established on the background of morphology of collected orchids, with their enclosed figures. Phylogenetic dengrogram was set up among 40 Dendrobium accessions collected in South.


Twenty five landrace species of Dendrobium were screened and selected to analyse their sequences of ITS, matK, rbcL and trnH-psbA. The DNA alignment was conducted to compare to the GenBank Data to identify their phylogenetic relationship among the species. Of 246 sequence date in the GenBank (annex 6), 36 sequences for rbcL, 76 for ITS, 72 for matK, 61 for trnH-psbA were presented. In particular, 6 new sequences have just detected for rbcL, 44 for trnH-psbA by the Vietnam species not reported yet in the GenBank. The information became the basis on DNA barcode and genetic diversity of Dendrobium species.


DNA barcode analysis and genetic diversity assessment in 25 Dendrobium species were carried out with the sequences by ITS, matK, rbcL and trnHpsbA. The output indicated that 19 Dendrobium species were determined including the species exhibiting their diverse sequences in the same species. The ITS sequences (or ITS2 one) exhibited their  higher genetic diversity as compared to three remained ones. They would be considered as indicators to detect the new ones and to record their genetic diversity among Dendrobium species.


The outputs indicated that the origin from 5/7 Dendrobium accessions by crossing among matK, trnH-psbA sequences to add the list of Dendrobium hybrids naturally.

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