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PHAN QUỐC ĐĂNG. 2022. The relationship between genotyping and phenotyping of Phu Quoc landrace dogs in germplasm conservation. PhD Thesis on Biotechnology. The Institute of Agricultural Sciences for Southern Vietnam.
Thứ ba, 22-02-2022 | 10:43:15



Phu Quoc dog exhibits its phenotype feature of ridgeback character. The landrace dog originated from Phu Quoc island, Vietnam.


Phenotyping was carried out to identify its body weight of 19.5-19.6 kg, body length of 50.2-50.6 cm; shoulder height of 45.3-45.9 cm; dog muzzle length of 10.2-10.3 cm; chest size of 55.3-55.9 cm; bell size of 45.1-45.6 cm; ear length of 9.8 cm; tail length of 28.1-28.9 cm.


The indicators must be well standardized to help promptly and exactly identify the Phu Quoc ridgeback dog. The result addressed the way how to conduct the dog germplasm conservation fruitfully with the additional indicators such as skull index of 1:1 for long:wide and 1:2 for muzzle: skull; body index based on body length : chest size of 92.06-92.44; body rate between shoulder height and body length of 90.59-90.86.


The result pinpointed that the ridgeback character among Phu Quoc dogs as compared to Thailand dog and Africa dog closely associated to the different genotypes. The character is controlled by a dominant gene (designated R gene meant ridge) on chromosome 18. The heterozygous alleles Rr presented naturally.


The result emphasized using the indicators associating to genotyping the Phu Quoc ridgeback dog before preserving the dog in germplasm conservation.

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