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Thai Ke Quan. 2019. Genetic Diversity Of Phu Quoc Dog Based On Canis Mitochondria Dna Hv1 Database. PhD Thesis. Institute of Agricultural Sciences for Southern Vietnam.
Thứ hai, 09-12-2019 | 13:34:30

Sponsorers: (1) TRAN HOANG DUNG, Ass. Prof, Dr., and (2) CHUNG ANH DUNG, Dr.

Figure: Genetic distance among Canis in the world


Evaluation of genetic diversity of Vietnamese dogs based on mitochondrial DNA hypervariable-1 region was conducted in Vietnam to aim at identifying the origin of Phu Quoc ridgeback dogs based on mitochondrial DNA Hypervariable-1 region.


The reference genome included 5567 sequences in GenBank to facilitate the identification of Canis mitochrondria HV1 DNA haplotype. The result indicated that a successful protocol  could help DNA extract form dog hair. Then, DNA sequencing addressed 582 base pairs in the DNA HV1 location of mitochondria from 100 Canis individuals (i.e. Phú Quốc ridgeback dogs) as compared to 100 domestic Canis individual dogs in Vietnam. Phú Quốc ridgeback dogs exhibited 19 haplotypes, which belong to for different haplogroups. Of them, 23 belonged to E haplogroup E (rare). Vietnam domestic dogs, otherwise, compose of 24 haplotypes, which belong to 4 diffferent haplogroups with 4 individuals in E haplogroup (rare). Phú Quốc ridgeback dogs exhibited its higher genetic diversity among mtDNA HV1 than other Canis in the world, with its haplotype diversity index of 0.9042 ± 0.0127 and its nucleotide diversity index of 0.014588 ± 0.007534. Phú Quốc ridgeback dogs and Vietnam domestic dogs are closely related phylogenetically, with genetic distance of 0.33899 and far from Thailand dogs, with genetic distance of 2.27668.

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