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Sunday, 2017/10/22 | 06:45:41

The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF), one of the world's top science and technology body, together with a group of independent scientists, have submitted a letter to U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to call on the department to reverse a Fish and Wildlife Service policy that phased out the use of genetically modified (GM) seeds. The letter argues that the policy was improperly adopted three years ago and stands at odds with the conservation objectives of the Fish and Wildlife Service.

Saturday, 2017/10/21 | 04:25:25

The 2017 Global Hunger Index (GHI) indicates long-term advancement in decreasing global hunger. However, the progress has been uneven, with millions continuing to experience chronic hunger and many areas encountering food shortage and even starvation.

Friday, 2017/10/20 | 07:26:30

Rice  is  the  most  widely  consumed  staple  food  in  India  and  a  large  part  of  the  world's human population, especially in Asia. In this review we discussed about the Morphological and  molecular  mechanisms  for  drought  tolerance  in  rice.  Rice  requires  high  temperature above 200C but not more than 35 to 400C. The lots of work have been done in this area to find  out  the  cultivars,  resistance  to  drought.    Production  of  rice  is  decreasing  day  by  day due to many biotic and abiotic stresses.

Thursday, 2017/10/19 | 08:21:09

Bago City, Myanmar (10 October 2017)—An Australian-funded five-year research project led by the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in Myanmar is making a lasting impact on improving local rice farmers’ ability to adapt to agricultural challenges and respond to market opportunities.

Wednesday, 2017/10/18 | 08:21:49

Asthma is a common chronic inflammatory disease in the airways. It was thought to be caused by the combination of environment and genetic factors. Previous studies have suggested that cell immunity played a vital role in regulating the airway hyper reactivity (AHR) and inflammation. Fei Xu of the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University in China developed a mouse model for asthma by expressing the human IL10 and TGFB1 genes to explore the possible interaction between these two during asthma progression.

Tuesday, 2017/10/17 | 08:00:17

Access to reliable information, including on changing weather patterns and market conditions, is essential for empowering farmers, especially those in developing countries, FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva said today. "There is an urgent need to take the data which is available globally and to translate it to the ground level," Graziano da Silva said in remarks made during a G7 Agriculture Ministers meeting session entitled Empowering Farmers.

Monday, 2017/10/16 | 07:45:37

In a discovery that could benefit millions of people in the world, Rutgers University scientists have found a way to enhance the nutritional value of corn by inserting a bacterial gene that causes it to produce the key nutrient methionine. Thomas Leustek, study co-author said that most harvested corn is used for animal feed, but it lacks methionine.

Sunday, 2017/10/15 | 06:32:22

To discuss issues and concerns regarding biotechnology and its impact on food and the environment, the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance (USFRA), together with the Nebraska Soybean Board hosted Food Dialogues: Pivoting the GMO Conversation at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln on September 6, 2017. More than 100 food influencers, filmmakers, and farmers attended Food Dialogues®, and nearly 7,000 people viewed the livestream.

Saturday, 2017/10/14 | 06:30:41

Adrian Dubock of the Golden Rice Humanitarian Board laid out the steps on how people can organize themselves for the adoption of Golden Rice, a beta carotene-enriched rice variety developed to address Vitamin A deficiency. The first step, according to Dubock, is to organize people for public meetings to coordinate activities for improved health and welfare through Golden Rice adoption. The different levels of the government must take their roles in this task, with the help of nongovernmental organizations and the private sector.

Friday, 2017/10/13 | 07:50:33

Flores et al. (1) suggest that large Amazonian floodplains are vulnerable to fire and that a future, drier climate will trigger wide-spread conversion of floodplain forests into fire-dominated savanna. Furthermore, the authors argue that fires in fluvial networks will cascade through nonflooded communities and spearhead fire-induced change in the wider basin. We disagree with the reasoning, which we argue lacks a nuanced understanding of habitat diversity in Amazonian floodplains.


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