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Monday, 2017/09/25 | 07:55:19

More than a hundred farmers and municipal agriculturists and technicians from the provinces of Pangasinan, Batangas, Quezon, and Davao in the Philippines expressed full support for the commercial planting of Bt eggplant. They hoped that the seeds be made available soon, after learning about its science, safety, and potential socioeconomic benefits during the Public Dialogue on Bt Eggplant held on September 14, 2017 at SEARCA Headquarters, College, Laguna. The activity served as a platform for farmers to clarify issues about the said technology.

Sunday, 2017/09/24 | 06:04:29

The Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has called for submissions on an application that seeks to allow food from a genetically modified (GM) canola line that produces an omega-3 fatty acid. The GM canola developed by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and Nuseed Pty Ltd) was modified to produce the long chain fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) in the seed.

Saturday, 2017/09/23 | 15:17:57

According to the Department of Crop Production, in recent years, the maize area has reached more than 1 million ha/year, the yield is rather low - only 4.6 million tons/ha. Annually, Vietnam still has to spend a large amount of foreign currency to import corn seeds to serve the needs of animal feed processing in the country.

Friday, 2017/09/22 | 07:59:38

Cassava mosaic disease (CMD) and cassava brown streak (CBSD) are still the most challenging constraints for cassava production in the Sub-Saharan Africa. Some Ugandans describe them as HIV for cassava. Although, there are CMD resistant cassava varieties, it is still a challenge since a good number of farmers have not yet accessed them. Annual losses due to CMD and CBSD are estimated at $60 Million in Uganda alone. There is a great need for both CBSD and CMD resistant cassava.

Thursday, 2017/09/21 | 07:55:38

IRRI joined the 30th National Rice R&D Conference held at the Philippine Rice Research Center (PhilRice) Central Experiment Station in Muñoz, Nueva Ecija on 5-6 September. Deputy Director for Communication and Partnerships Bruce Tolentino headed the IRRI delegation and presented the institute’s 2017-2025 strategic plan.

Wednesday, 2017/09/20 | 08:04:07

Dr. Angeline Kamba, IRRI Board Member from 1998 to 2003, died on September 12, 2017 at the age of 81. A family representative stated that she “has passed peacefully at home after being unwell for over a month”. She is survived by two children and two grandchildren.

Tuesday, 2017/09/19 | 07:56:20

After steadily declining for over a decade, global hunger is on the rise again, affecting 815 million people in 2016, or 11 per cent of the global population, says a new edition of the annual United Nations report on world food security and nutrition released today. At the same time, multiple forms of malnutrition are threatening the health of millions worldwide.

Monday, 2017/09/18 | 07:45:09

Biodiversity Conservation Agency, in coordination with CropLife Asia, held a workshop on Insect Resistance Management (IRM) on Genetically Modified Crops in Vietnam. The workshop took place in Vinh Phuc province on August 3-4, 2017. Biodiversity Conservation Agency Director, Phạm Anh Cường, stressed the need to establish and issue the guidelines for risk assessment of GM crops.

Sunday, 2017/09/17 | 06:42:03

Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences researchers successfully incorporated a Bt gene into cabbage plants to improve resistance to destructive pest, diamondback moth (Plutella xylostella). The results of their study are published in Scientia Horticulturae. The researchers used Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation to develop transgenic cabbage plants with Bacillus thuringiensis cry1Ia8 gene.

Saturday, 2017/09/16 | 06:51:50

Corn is currently one of the ten agricultural commodities that Vietnam imports the most. Without rapidly raising productivity to meet the shortage of corn, it is expected that spending billions of dollars to import corn will continue in the years to come. According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, in the first seven months of 2017, corn imports reached 4.13 million tonnes valued at $825 million,


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