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- Hybrid Maize by Single Cross V2002 (2003)

- Tomato Grafting to Manage Ralstonia Disease(2005)

- Cassava variety KM140(2010)

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Wednesday, 2021/05/05 | 08:07:24

USAID will support US leadership in the Agricultural Innovation Mission for Climate (AIM-C) including through investments in the CGIAR System to accelerate global agricultural innovation and the use of climate-smart technologies by smallholder farmers. The AIM-C initiative will be advanced at the UN Food Systems Summit in September 2021, and launched at COP26 in November 2021 through the UK’s COP26 Campaign on Adaptation.

Tuesday, 2021/05/04 | 08:34:46

Making sure that the collections of beans, cassava, bananas, and forages remain alive, even during the quarantine, is an essential job of the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT in order to preserve the world’s biodiversity and food safety. From its work sites in laboratories, greenhouses, and experimental fields in Palmira, Colombia, and at the University of Louvain, in Belgium, Mónica, Melissa, Madelyn, Ramiro, Javier, Jair, Wilmer, Vincent, and Bart tell us about their experience in which they take on with equal responsibility the preventive measures established by the health authorities of their countries and those of our own organization.

Monday, 2021/05/03 | 06:16:48

The 166th Session of the FAO Council, the third session held entirely virtually, ended today with its Members praising the Organization's main actions and initiatives to address the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and to foster sustainable development, as well as supporting the proposed documents to guide the Organization's work over the next years. The Council is the executive organ of the FAO Conference. It has 49 Members and meets between Conference sessions which bring all 194 FAO Members together every two years.

Sunday, 2021/05/02 | 05:45:58

Today, 21 April 2021, the FAO Director-General, QU Dongyu, and the UK Special Envoy for Famine Prevention and Humanitarian Affairs, Nick Dyer, had a virtual meeting to discuss FAO-UK collaboration to address acute food security and FAO’s vision and work on the prevention of food crises by addressing their root causes, bridging humanitarian and development response through protecting agriculture-based livelihood and promoting science-based approaches.

Saturday, 2021/05/01 | 07:14:48

In his remarks, the Director-General extolled the many virtues of forests, including ensuring people's food security and income, storing carbon, providing energy and clean water as well as hosting most of the Earth's terrestrial biodiversity.  In particular, he emphasized a major role of forests at a time of unprecedented climate, health and economic crises, giving hope to people, environment and economy.

Friday, 2021/04/30 | 07:14:51

Researchers from the Centre of Biotechnology of Borj Cedria in Tunisia established a standard direct PCR workflow for timely gene detection assay and screening of genetically engineered (GE) plants. The results are published in Transgenic Research. GE plants are widely developed for various practical and fundamental purposes. Thus, several methods have been developed for the detection and quantification of GE crops, but are still labor-intensive and expensive.

Thursday, 2021/04/29 | 08:30:47

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has published the latest report on pesticide residues in food in the European Union, providing insights into the levels of residue found in a selection of products consumed in the region. Of the total 96,302 samples analyzed in 2019, 96.1% fell within legally permitted levels. For the subset of 12,579 samples analyzed as part of the EU-coordinated control program (EUCP), 98% were within legal limits.

Wednesday, 2021/04/28 | 08:29:22

The Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC) has ceased the field trials of Bt brinjal and other transgenic crops in India due to the unwillingness of some states to cooperate and with the pressure of some non-governmental organizations. "We are disappointed by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change's regressive decision to not go ahead with the Bt Brinjal field trials or any other GM crop trials without considering the recommendations from States and Union Territories.

Tuesday, 2021/04/27 | 08:29:17

Researchers from McGill University in Canada conducted a study to determine the role of individuals' expectations and emotions in critical thinking towards socio-scientific issues. They tested the respondents' knowledge of genetically modified foods (GM) and were able to identify the effects of cognition on critical thinking when encountering conflicting information about it.

Monday, 2021/04/26 | 08:21:33

The US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) released a guidebook for communicating about COVID-19 vaccine efficacy, effectiveness, and efficacy. According to NASEM, effective communication on COVID-19 vaccines is necessary to ensure a shared understanding of how they work and whether they are being equitable distributed.


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