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Thursday, 2021/04/15 | 08:17:53

Two improved groundnut varieties have helped a group of farmers in Ghana increase their yields five-fold, breaking a three-decade stranglehold on the crop’s productivity. The improved varieties, SARINUT 1 and SARINUT 2, are also combating devastating afflictions of groundnut production like leaf spot disease in the country’s Savanna Region. The farmers’ group, Soglokonbo Groundnut Farmers Association in the region’s East Gonja district, has been using the improved varieties and good agricultural practises to produce around 1,200 kg per hectare in stark contrast to the 225 kg per hectare they were harvesting earlier.

Wednesday, 2021/04/14 | 08:31:13

European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Thomas Pesquet was named Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Goodwill Ambassador today, the International Day of Human Space Flight.Pesquet will help FAO raise awareness about the importance of transforming the world's agri-food systems, making them more resilient, inclusive, efficient and sustainable to overcome the challenges of persisting and growing hunger, and preserving the planet's environment and biodiversity.

Tuesday, 2021/04/13 | 08:43:33

Italian MEP Herbert Dorfmann, the agriculture coordinator of Christian-democrat Europe's People Party (EPP) has said that labeling foodstuffs as gene-edited products is simply not possible as the genetic improvements brought about by new breeding technologies (NBTs) are not identifiable. The lawmaker said he is frequently communicating with researchers and experts who maintained that it is impossible to differentiate whether a modification of a plant is done in the laboratory with NBTs or with conventional breeding techniques that have been used for decades.

Monday, 2021/04/12 | 08:31:32

Kanwarpal Dhugga, a principal scientist of biotechnology, specifically editing genes for disease resistance in maize and wheat working at the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) talked about gene editing of wheat and maize. Dr. Magdy M. Mahfouz from King Abdullah University, Saudi Arabia, talked about the recent updates in gene editing.

Friday, 2021/04/09 | 20:44:12

A team of researchers led by Boston College has successfully grown bovine meat by using decellularized spinach leaf as edible platform in a laboratory. The team removed the plant cells from the spinach leaf and used the remaining vascular framework to grow isolated precursors of cow meat cells. The cells were cultured on the surface of the decellularized spinach leaves and gelatin coated glass. It showed ~25% expression of myosin heavy-chain and maintained ~99% viability for up to 14 days.

Friday, 2021/04/09 | 20:43:24

Cornell University, the University of Maryland (UMD), and Stanford University have worked together to quantify the man-made effects of climate change on global agricultural productivity growth for the first time. Using a robust model of weather effects on productivity, the study showed a 21% reduction in global agricultural productivity since 1961, which according to the researchers is equivalent to completely losing the last seven years of productivity growth.

Friday, 2021/04/09 | 08:24:11

Biotech maize adoption in Vietnam shows positive impacts of higher productivity, increased farmer income, and environmental improvement, according to the speakers of the webinar Contributions of Agricultural Biotechnology Adoption in Vietnam held in a hybrid event today hosted in Hanoi, Vietnam. Vietnam Seed Trade Association (VSTA), together with the Vietnam Farmers' Union (VFU), and ISAAA co-organized the webinar attended by representatives of state management agencies

Thursday, 2021/04/08 | 08:38:58

Our climate is so closely connected to our food systems that even if fossil fuels were eliminated today, emissions from farming mean global temperatures would likely still increase by at least 1.5 degree Celsius. Yet at the same time, more than 150 million people currently face acute hunger in a growing food crisis compounded by extreme weather, conflict, and the COVID-19 pandemic, apparently pitting the needs of the population against the limits of the planet.

Wednesday, 2021/04/07 | 08:24:19

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the food security situation remains dire with one in three people - a record high - suffering from acute hunger, two United Nations agencies, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Food Programme (WFP) warned today.The number of people affected by high acute food insecurity in the DRC is estimated at 27.3 million or one in three people, including nearly seven million people grappling with emergency levels of acute hunger (IPC 4), according to the latest Integrated Phase Classification (IPC) analysis.

Tuesday, 2021/04/06 | 08:18:02

During periods of drought, plants use a signaling molecule that animals use to limit their water loss and gives them a kind of memory of how dry the day was. The team of Professor Rainer Hedrich, plant scientist and biophysicist from the Julius Maximilians University (JMU) Würzburg discovered this new strategy together with a team from the University of Adelaide in Australia.


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