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- Hybrid Maize by Single Cross V2002 (2003)

- Tomato Grafting to Manage Ralstonia Disease(2005)

- Cassava variety KM140(2010)

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Sunday, 2017/07/16 | 06:19:38

To reach CGIAR’s ambitious global targets, CGIAR Centers and Research Programs will focus on eight research priorities where CGIAR has a comparative advantage to tackle these pressing global needs. One of these is the genetic improvement of crops, livestock, fish and trees, to increase productivity, resilience to stress, nutritional value and efficiency of resource use.

Wednesday, 2017/07/12 | 07:44:43

Viet Nam, a country highly vulnerable to climate change effects, has experienced numerous challenges in the past years especially in its agriculture sector including the  main sub-sectors of crop production, livestock, forestry, fishery and aquaculture, water resources management, salt production.

Tuesday, 2017/07/11 | 07:59:31

GDP From Agriculture in Vietnam increased to 214,835 VND Billion in the second quarter of 2017 from 67,473 VND Billion in the first quarter of 2017. GDP From Agriculture in Vietnam averaged 249,656.11 VND Billion from 2013 until 2017, reaching an all time high of 46,8813 VND Billion in the fourth quarter of 2016 and a record low of 65,298 VND Billion in the first quarter of 2013.

Sunday, 2017/07/09 | 06:38:11

The plant hormone cytokinin has been identified to target genes to regulate plant growth and development. The findings by a group of scientists at Dartmouth College could help establish organ-growing stem cells for grains such as rice and corn, and may ultimately lead to solutions to stubborn agricultural problems.

Saturday, 2017/07/08 | 07:23:44

Citing figures showing that since 2008 one person has been displaced every second by climate and weather disasters - an average of 26 million a year - and suggesting the trend is likely to intensify in the immediate future as rural areas struggle to cope with warmer weather and more erratic rainfall, he said the "solution to this great challenge" lies in bolstering the economic activities that the vast majority of rural populations are already engaged in.

Friday, 2017/07/07 | 09:19:58

Improved varieties of cassava that will help in addressing food crisis in Africa may soon be available in the continent. Scientists from Kenya Agricultural Livestock and Research Organization (KALRO) are developing the genetically modified Virus Resistant Cassava for Africa Plus (VIRCA Plus) varieties

Thursday, 2017/07/06 | 08:15:19

A research team from the University of Lausanne led by plant biologist Philippe Reymond discovered that the genome of the 234-year old oak tree in their campus has remained unchanged. The team discovered this after sequencing the genome from leaves on lower, older branches and upper, younger ones, and tallied the number of single-letter changes they found in the tree's DNA.

Wednesday, 2017/07/05 | 08:05:58

Giorgio Fidenato, President of the Federated Farmers Association, and other applicants were prosecuted before the Italian District Court of Udine in November 2015 for planting genetically engineered (GE) maize MON810 in breach of a national decree issued on July 12, 2013 that prohibits its cultivation in the country.

Tuesday, 2017/07/04 | 08:07:22

A new film on GM food crops hits the movie houses in New York and Los Angeles. The film, titled Food Evolution is a product of independent investigation of filmmakers Scott Hamilton Kennedy (Academy Award nominee) and Trace Sheehan. They were initially contacted by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) to make a documentary covering fact-based public dialogue about the food system. However, as the filmmakers did their research and started filming, they became intrigued by consistently polarizing debate around GMOs.

Monday, 2017/07/03 | 08:05:50

An international alliance was formed to speed up crop improvement in sub-Saharan Africa, which was launched at the John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK on June 16, 2017. The Alliance to Accelerate Crop Improvements in Africa (ACACIA) aims to support African scientists in their efforts to find ways to address food security concerns by maximizing the impact of the John Innes Centre's cutting-edge science and technology in Africa. The alliance was formed through the efforts of its founding members, including the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) and the John Innes Centre.


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