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- Hybrid Maize by Single Cross V2002 (2003)

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Sunday, 2020/09/20 | 06:01:22

The biennial RCVS Knowledge Plowright Prize recognises individuals working in Europe or the Commonwealth who have made significant contributions to the control, management and eradication of infectious diseases. The award, worth £75,000, is made in memory of Dorothy and Walter Plowright. Walter Plowright was an eminent veterinary virologist, renowned for his critical work on the cattle disease rinderpest.

Saturday, 2020/09/19 | 06:25:18

‘The Infectious Diseases of East African Livestock (IDEAL) project was a longitudinal cohort study of calf health which was conducted in Western Kenya between 2007–2010. A total of 548 East African shorthorn zebu calves were recruited at birth and followed at least every 5 weeks during the first year of life. Comprehensive clinical and epidemiological data, blood and tissue samples were collected at every visit.

Friday, 2020/09/18 | 08:06:34

FAO Director-General QU Dongyu welcomed Antonia Marie De Meo the recently appointed Director of the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI), at a virtual meeting today.  During the meeting, both parties stressed their full agreement on the importance of strengthening legal, technical and regulatory frameworks to promote and improve food safety standards and discussed ways to support member states in their efforts to enforce these frameworks.

Thursday, 2020/09/17 | 08:48:52

Cytosolic calcium enters the mitochondrial matrix through the mitochondrial calcium uniporter (MCU) where it acts as a signal that regulates ATP production (1), metabolic fuel selection (13), and if excessively high, triggers cell death (4). The complete complex of the MCU subunits is now referred to as the mitochondrial calcium uniporter holocomplex (MCUcx) (5). In PNAS, Vais et al. (6) focus on how the levels of Ca2+ inside the mitochondrial matrix ([Ca2+]m) can regulate the MCUcx itself.

Wednesday, 2020/09/16 | 08:17:42

A team of scientists from the United States and New Zealand published a paper to unveil a quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) method they developed specifically for the first commercialized genome-edited crop: a herbicide tolerant canola. The qPCR method is highly sensitive and compatible with practices done in laboratories that handle genetically modified organisms (GMOs). It was also designed to be integrated into analytical workflows such as the matrix approach

Tuesday, 2020/09/15 | 08:58:17

Scientists from China National Rice Research Institute conducted a study to determine the function of chloroplast RNA splicing 2 (CRS2) protein in rice chloroplast development. The results are published in Plant Growth Regulation. Previous studies have shown that CRS2 has a vital role in chloroplast development by splicing the chloroplast gene introns in maize. To know the role of OsCRS2 in rice chloroplast development, CRISPR-Cas9 was used and oscrs2-1 and oscrs2-2 mutants were obtained.

Monday, 2020/09/14 | 08:16:41

As Africa celebrated one of the greatest public health achievements of all time, by declaring the end of wild polio, the question remains how this may catalyze momentum around other health and development issues. The historic milestone comes at a time when many communities are facing the triple emergency of Covid-19, locust invasions and the climate crisis, which is intensifying catastrophic events and food insecurity.

Sunday, 2020/09/13 | 05:37:26

The structures within its RNA that SARS-CoV-2 uses to infect cells have now been identified by scientists, generating the most comprehensive atlas to date of the SARS'CoV-2's genome. A team at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HMHI) led by RNA scientist Anna Marie Pyle has now made the most comprehensive map to date of these genomic structures. Pyle's team mapped structures across the entire RNA genome of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, using living cells and computational analyses

Saturday, 2020/09/12 | 04:52:03

ISAAA together with partners, facilitates discourses on animal biotechnology regulations as it hosts the 4th International Workshop on Regulatory Approaches for Animal Biotechnology. The workshop aims to exchange information, share experiences, and enhance cooperation towards animal biotechnology regulations among countries who are either working on or implementing their respective guidelines.

Friday, 2020/09/11 | 07:42:44

The potential of agri-biotechnology to contribute to sustainable agriculture depends on R&D as well as on the integration of other factors such as effective communication, science-based national regulatory frameworks, and adequate understanding of international legal instruments. To foster strong collaboration and enrich knowledge among key players in the agri-biotech and biosafety arena,


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