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Thursday, 2024/02/22 | 08:28:59

In a development aimed at advancing global crop breeding, Genetic Innovation (GI), a science group within CGIAR, has entered into an agreement with the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI). The agreement, signed at IRRI’s headquarters in the Philippines, will help support the effective implementation of GI’s activities, and particularly one of its constituents, Breeding Resources Initiative (BRI).

Wednesday, 2024/02/21 | 08:26:13

Researchers have developed a new CRISPR tool that quickly detects chromosomal integration areas for genetic engineering. This tool may be useful in DNA integration and medical applications. CRISPR-Cas is a robust tool for gene editing that has many applications in different industries. However, identifying the best location on the chromosome to insert heterologous genes is still undetermined because there are multiple complex criteria to consider. Finding these sites on chromosomal locations also needs a lot of characterization efforts.


Tuesday, 2024/02/20 | 08:20:41

Researchers from the Henan Institute of Science and Technology and Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences reported the Molecular characteristics and expression pattern of Rubisco activase gene GhRCAβ2 in upland cotton. Their findings are published in Genes & Genomics. Rubisco activase (RCA) is one of the important enzymes involved in the carbon assimilation pathway, and it plays a vital role in activating Rubisco,


Monday, 2024/02/19 | 07:50:54

Scientists from China identified a molecular cascade that is responsible for cadmium (Cd2+) tolerance in cotton. Their research may help produce Cd2+-tolerant cotton varieties in the future. Heavy metal pollution causes adverse effects on agricultural productivity and human health. One way to address this issue is through phytoremediation, which reduces heavy metals in contaminated soil. However, the mechanisms that affect this method are still unclear, so alternative techniques must be discovered.


Sunday, 2024/02/18 | 07:08:46

ISAAA Inc. joins 20 Years and Onward: Advancing the Future of Philippine Yellow Corn, a forum organized by the Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA) and Bayer CropScience Philippines at Makati Diamond Residences on February 8, 2024. Various stakeholders were invited to the event, including business groups, regulators, policymakers, local governments, farmers, members of the academe, researchers, and non-governmental organizations.

Saturday, 2024/02/17 | 08:15:21

Norfolk Healthy Produce announced the online seed sales of their first product, the genetically engineered high-antioxidant purple tomato in the United States. Seeds will be available to home gardeners only in the U.S. where the biotechnology regulatory process has been completed with U.S. Department of Agriculture, Food and Drug Administration, and Environmental Protection Agency. The new tomato variety contains purple antioxidants called anthocyanins also found in blueberries, blackberries, and eggplants.

Friday, 2024/02/16 | 07:12:39

The Global Environment Facility (GEF) has greenlighted 48 FAO-led projects worth about $2.9 billion –$294 million in project financing and $2.6 billion in co-financing– that will play a pivotal role in fostering a sustainable agrifood systems transformation to end hunger and conserve the environment. The initiatives, benefitting 4.2 million people in five different regions globally, will restore more than 474,000 hectares of land; improve practices on over 24 million hectares of land and marine habitats;

Thursday, 2024/02/15 | 06:19:45

Cacao of Excellence, a programme of the Alliance of Bioversity International and the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) announced today the winners of the 2023 Cacao of Excellence Awards, honouring excellence in the cultivation of cacao, while also supporting and encouraging a more sustainable sector. The full list of Gold, Silver and Bronze winners can be found below and on the Cacao of Excellence website.

Wednesday, 2024/02/14 | 05:03:45

Researchers in Italy have shed light on arabica coffee's large and complex genome, which could help in the development of desirable traits in coffee, such as disease resistance. Arabica coffee represents 60 percent of the world's total coffee production and is generally known for its higher quality than the other dominant commercial coffee species, robusta. The study notes that genetic diversity in arabica coffee is lacking and this is especially troubling because arabica has greater susceptibility to disease and climate change.

Tuesday, 2024/02/13 | 07:44:13

In a study published in ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering, researchers found that a non-allergenic wheat protein called glutenin could support the growth of muscle and fat cells, potentially paving the way for better production of cultivated meat. With the world's population on the rise, the growing interest in cultivated meat, also called cultured meat, emerged as an alternative source of meat and protein. However, the challenge lies in getting the cells to mimic the texture of real meat, which includes fat layers.


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