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Vu Quoc Luan. 2016. Optimizing the regeneration frequency in micropropagation of Paphiopedium sp. PhD Thesis. The Institute of Agricultural Sciences for Southern Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM
Thứ sáu, 21-04-2017 | 07:56:11

[submitted in Jan 17, 2017 at the IAS]


The percentage of regenerants by Paphiopedium landraces viz. Van Hai, Lan Hai Hong and Lan Tam Dao obtained 22.40, 24.85 and 17.15 %, respectively under the SH medium plus 1.0 mg/L of TDZ, 0.3 mg/L of NAA, 9 g/L of agar and 30 g/L of sucrose at pH of 5.8

Under condition of green LED (100%) plus suitable medium of liquid SH medium + 1 mg/L of TDZ, 0.3 mg/L of NAA, 30 g/L of sucrose, pH = 5.8; the regenerated plants of  Van Hai, Lan Hai Hong and Lan Tam Dao obtained 48.45, 44.90 and 25.30 %, respectively.

The callus induction from shoot nodes by Van Hai offered the highest percentage of 31.25%. The wound induction to create lateral buds successfully expressed better micropropation among three Paphiopedium landraces.

Three created protocols that could optimize the micropropagation of Paphiopedium were proposed to be applied.

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