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Tuesday, 2015/06/09 | 13:29:16

Panax japonicus C. A. Mey. is a rare traditional Chinese herbal medicine that uses ginsenosides as its main active ingredient. Rice does not produce ginsenosides because it lacks a key rate-limiting enzyme (β-amyrin synthase, βAS); however, it produces a secondary metabolite, 2,3-oxidosqualene, which is a precursor for ginsenoside biosynthesis.

Monday, 2015/06/08 | 07:41:41

The past few decades have seen an intensification of international food trade and the increase in the number of countries that depend on food imports. As an effect of the associated globalization of food, local shocks in food production, combined with the adoption of new national or regional energy and trade policies, have recently led to global food crises.

Saturday, 2015/06/06 | 12:48:09

Climate change is expected to increase future temperatures, potentially resulting in reduced crop production in many key production regions. Research quantifying the complex relationship between weather variables and wheat yields is rapidly growing, and recent advances have used a variety of model specifications that differ in how temperature data are included in the statistical yield equation.

Thursday, 2015/06/04 | 08:14:11

The production of alien chromosome addition lines allows the transfer of useful genetic variation into elite wheat varieties from related wild species. However, some wild relatives of wheat, particularly those within the Sitopsis section of the genus Aegilops, possess chromosomes that are transmitted preferentially to the offspring when addition lines are generated.

Thursday, 2015/06/04 | 08:12:09

Nuclear organization and genome expression are subject to massive reprogramming during most developmental transitions. The mechanisms triggering them in response to environmental stimuli are only poorly understood. Here we describe that dynamic changes in higher-order nuclear organization occurring in cotyledons (embryonic leaves) upon germination are impacted by light availability in the plant Arabidopsis thaliana.

Wednesday, 2015/06/03 | 08:17:27

Panicle length (PL) is the key determinant of panicle architecture in rice, and strongly affects yield components, such as grain number per panicle. However, this trait has not been well studied genetically nor its contribution to yield improvement. In this study, we performed quantitative trait locus (QTL) analysis for PL in four backcross populations derived from the cross of Nipponbare (japonica) and WS3 (indica), a new plant type (NPT) variety. Two QTLs were identified on chromosome 6 and 8, designated as qPL6 and qPL8, respectively.

Tuesday, 2015/06/02 | 08:09:58

We report the chemical basis for a critical question in ocean science: how do single-celled algae, which are responsible for almost half of Earth's photosynthesis, sense their environment to respond appropriately to the lethal threat of predation? The increasing frequency of toxic algal blooms, with worldwide consequences to human health, fisheries, and marine ecosystem functioning, has garnered much attention in recent years, but it has remained unclear how algal toxicity is regulated.

Monday, 2015/06/01 | 08:38:39

Cultivated peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) is an allotetraploid species (AABB, 2n = 4× = 40), valued for its edible oil and digestible protein. Linkage mapping has been successfully conducted for most crops, and it has been applied to detect the quantitative trait loci (QTLs) of biotic and abiotic traits in peanut. However, the genetic basis of agronomic and quality-related traits remains unclear. In this study, high levels of phenotypic variation, broad-sense heritability and significant correlations were observed for agronomic and quality-related traits in an F 2:3 population.

Friday, 2015/05/29 | 15:14:19

Plant roots function as an interface between plants and the complex soil environment. Root systems of higher plants consist of different root types (RTs) that maximize their adaptive potential in heterogenous soil for nutrient uptake and anchorage. This study pioneers the molecular examination of individual RTs of adult rice root systems. The global signature of the transcriptional activity of each RT reveals significant quantitative and qualitative differences that predict functional diversity and specialization.

Wednesday, 2015/05/27 | 08:08:00

Bird feeding is essentially a massive global supplementary feeding experiment, yet few studies have attempted to explore its ecological effects. In this study we use an in situ experimental approach to investigate the impacts of bird feeding on the structure of local bird assemblages. We present vital evidence that bird feeding contributes to the bird community patterns we observe in urban areas. In particular, the study demonstrates that common feeding practices can encourage higher densities of introduced birds, with potential negative consequences for native birds.


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