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- Hybrid Maize by Single Cross V2002 (2003)

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Friday, 2023/12/29 | 09:08:21

Identification of genes that confer multiple disease resistance (MDR) is crucial for the improvement of maize disease resistance. However, very limited genes are identified as MDR genes in maize. In this study, we characterized a dominant disease lesion mimics 8 (Les8) mutant that had chlorotic lesions on the leaves and showed enhanced resistance to both curvularia leaf spot and southern leaf blight.

Thursday, 2023/12/28 | 08:27:06

Gene expression levels in allopolyploid plants are not equivalent to the simple average of the expression levels in the parents and are associated with several non-additive expression phenomena, including homoeolog expression bias. However, hardly any information is available on the effect of homoeolog expression bias on traits. Here, we studied the effects of gene expression-related characteristics on agronomic traits using six isogenic resynthesized Brassica napus lines across the first ten generations

Wednesday, 2023/12/27 | 08:39:27

Brown planthopper (BPH), a monophagous phloem feeder, consumes a large amount of photoassimilates in rice and causes wilting. A near-isogenic line ‘TNG71-Bph45’ was developed from the Oryza sativa japonica variety ‘Tainung 71 (TNG71) carrying a dominant BPH-resistance locus derived from Oryza nivara (IRGC 102165) near the centromere of chromosome 4. We compared the NIL (TNG71-Bph45) and the recurrent parent to explore how the Bph45 gene confers BPH resistance.

Tuesday, 2023/12/26 | 08:24:34

Bean pod mottle virus (BPMV) is a comovirus that infects common bean and legumes in general. BPMV is distributed throughout the world and is a major threat on soybean, a closely related species of common bean. In common bean, BAT93 was reported to carry the R-BPMV resistance gene conferring resistance to BPMV and linked with the I resistance gene. To fine map R-BPMV, 182 recombinant inbred lines (RILs) derived from the cross BAT93 × JaloEEP558 were genotyped

Monday, 2023/12/25 | 08:04:12

Crop engineering and de novo domestication using gene editing are new frontiers in agriculture. However, outside of well-studied crops and model systems, prioritizing engineering targets remains challenging. Evolution can guide us, revealing genes with deeply conserved roles that have repeatedly been selected in the evolution of plant form. Homologs of the transcription factor genes GRASSY TILLERS1 (GT1) and SIX-ROWED SPIKE1 (VRS1) have repeatedly been targets of selection in domestication and evolution

Sunday, 2023/12/24 | 08:16:58

The content of resistant starch (RS) was considered positively correlated with the apparent amylose content (AAC). Here, we analyzed two Indica rice mutants, RS111 and Zhedagaozhi 1B, similar in high AAC and found that their RS content differed remarkably. RS111 had higher RS3 content but lower RS2 content than Zhedagaozhi 1B; correspondingly, cooked RS111 showed slower digestibility. RS111 had smaller irregular and oval starch granules when compared with Zhedagaozhi 1B and the wild type.

Saturday, 2023/12/23 | 09:35:25

The quality and starch properties of rice are significantly affected by nitrogen. The effect of the nitrogen application rate (0, 180, and 230 kg ha-1) on the texture of cooked rice and the hierarchical structure and physicochemical properties of starch was investigated over two years using two japonica cultivars, Bengal and Shendao505. Nitrogen application contributed to the hardness and stickiness of cooked rice, reducing the texture quality.

Friday, 2023/12/22 | 08:45:24

Chrysanthemums are one of the top ten most well-known traditional famous flowers in China and one of the top four cut flowers worldwide, holding a significant position in landscape gardening. The cold temperatures of winter restrict the cultivation, introduction, and application of chrysanthemum, resulting in high costs for year-round production. This severely impacts the ornamental and economic value of chrysanthemum.

Thursday, 2023/12/21 | 08:33:34

Root and tuber crop breeding is at the front and center of CIP’s science program, which seeks to develop and disseminate sustainable agri-food technologies, information and practices to serve objectives including poverty alleviation, income generation, food security and the sustainable use of natural resources. CIP was established in 1971 in Peru, which is part of potato’s center of origin and diversity, with an initial mandate on potato and expanding to include sweetpotato in 1986.

Wednesday, 2023/12/20 | 08:38:31

Rice is a chilling-sensitive plant, and extremely low temperatures seriously decrease rice production. Several genes involved in chilling stress have been reported in rice; however, the chilling signaling in rice remains largely unknown. Here, we investigated the chilling tolerance phenotype of overexpression of constitutive active OsMAPK6 (CAMAPK6-OE) and OsMAPK6 mutant dsg1, and demonstrated that OsMAPK6 positively regulated rice chilling tolerance


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