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Thursday, 2023/06/08 | 08:16:14

Photoperiod sensitivity is a key factor affecting the adaptation of maize (Zea mays L.) to high-latitude growing areas. Although many genes associated with flowering time have been identified in maize, no gene that inhibits photoperiod sensitivity has been reported. In our previous study, we detected large differences in photoperiod sensitivity among maize inbred lines with the same photoperiod-sensitive allele at the ZmCCT10 locus.

Wednesday, 2023/06/07 | 08:15:51

Root system architecture (RSA) is crucial for crops productivity and stress tolerance. In maize, few RSA genes are functionally cloned, and effective discovery of RSA genes remains a great of challenge. In this work, we established a strategy to mine maize RSA genes by integrating functionally characterized root genes, root transcriptome, weighted gene co-expression network analysis (WGCNA) and genome-wide association analysis (GWAS) of RSA traits based on public data resources.

Tuesday, 2023/06/06 | 08:32:53

Cold tolerance at the booting stage (CTB) in rice can significantly affect yield in high-latitude regions. Although several CTB genes have been isolated, their ability to induce cold tolerance is insufficient to ensure adequate rice yields in cold regions at high latitudes. Here, we identified the PHD-finger domain-containing protein gene qCTB7 using QTL-seq and linkage analysis through systematic measurement of CTB differences and the spike fertility of the Longjing31 and Longdao3 cultivars

Monday, 2023/06/05 | 08:23:30

Barley powdery mildew is a globally significant disease, responsible for reduced grain yield and quality. A major effect adult plant resistance gene, RBgh2, was previously found in a landrace from Azerbaijan. The atypical phenotype suggested different underlying genetic factors compared to conventional resistance genes and to investigate this, genome-wide gene expression was compared between sets of heterogeneous doubled haploids.

Sunday, 2023/06/04 | 06:39:16

Salt stress is a major constraint on plant growth and yield. Nitrogen (N) fertilizers are known to alleviate salt stress. However, the underlying molecular mechanisms remain unclear. Here, we show that nitrate-dependent salt tolerance is mediated by OsMADS27 in rice. The expression of OsMADS27 is specifically induced by nitrate. The salt-inducible expression of OsMADS27 is also nitrate dependent. OsMADS27 knockout mutants are more sensitive to salt stress than the wild type, whereas OsMADS27 overexpression lines are more tolerant.

Saturday, 2023/06/03 | 05:46:14

Soybean mosaic virus (SMV) is a member of the genus Potyvirus that occurs in all soybean-growing areas of the world and causes serious losses of yield and seed quality. In this study, a natural population composed of 209 accessions resequenced at an average depth of 18.44 × and another RIL population containing 193 lines were used to explore genetic loci and genes conferring resistance to SMV-SC8. There were 3030 SNPs significantly associated with resistance to SC8 on chromosome 13 in the natural population, among which 327 SNPs were located within an ~ 0.14Mb region (from 28.46 to 28.60Mb) of the major QTL qRsc8F in the RIL population.

Friday, 2023/06/02 | 08:14:55

Apomixis is an asexual mode of reproduction through seeds where progeny are clones of the mother plants. Naturally apomictic modes of reproduction are found in hundreds of plant genera distributed across more than 30 plant families, but are absent in major crop plants. Apomixis has the potential to be a breakthrough technology by allowing the propagation through seed of any genotype, including F1 hybrids

Thursday, 2023/06/01 | 07:51:20

The domain of unknown function 668 (DUF668) is a gene family that plays a vital role in responses to adversity coercion stresses in plant. However, the function of the DUF668 gene family is not fully understood in sweet potato. In this study, bioinformatics methods were used to analyze the number, physicochemical properties, evolution, structure, and promoter cis-acting elements of the IbDUF668 family genes, and RNA-seq and qRT-PCR were performed to detect gene expression and their regulation under hormonal and abiotic stress.

Wednesday, 2023/05/31 | 07:48:44

Heading date is a critical agronomic trait for rice that determines the utilization of light and temperature conditions and thereby affects grain yield. Rice is a short day (SD) plant, and its photoperiodic information is processed by complex pathways and integrated by florigens to control flowering. In this study, we identified a novel allele for the florigen gene Heading date 3a (Hd3a), characterized by a C435G substitution in its coding region, by a genome-wide association study (GWAS) approach in a panel of 199 high-latitude japonica rice varieties. The C435G substitution induces plants to flower 10 days earlier in high-latitude area (long day condition).

Tuesday, 2023/05/30 | 08:18:31

Rust is a devastating disease in sunflower that is damaging to the sunflower production globally. Identification and utilization of host-plant resistance are proven to be preferable means for disease control. The rust resistance gene R12 with broad-spectrum specificity to rust was previously localized to a 2.4 Mb region on sunflower chromosome 11. To understand the molecular mechanism of resistance, we conducted whole-genome sequencing of RHA 464 (R12 donor line) and reference genome-based fine mapping of the gene R12.


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