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Wednesday, 2024/04/24 | 08:07:40

Grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) is an economically important fruit crop cultivated worldwide. In China, grapevine cultivation is very extensive, and a few Vitis grapes have excellent pathogen and stress resistance, but the molecular mechanisms underlying the grapevine response to stress remain unclear. In this study, a microRNA (miRNA; miR827a), which negatively regulates its target gene VqMYB14, a key regulatory role in the synthesis of stilbenes, was identified in Vitis quinquangularis (V. quinquangularis) using transcriptome sequencing

Tuesday, 2024/04/23 | 08:30:41

Organic carbon availability in soil is crucial for shaping microbial communities, yet, uncertainties persist concerning microbial adaptations to carbon levels and the ensuing ecological and evolutionary consequences. We investigated organic carbon metabolism, antibiotic resistance, and virus–host interactions in soils subjected to 40 y of chemical and organic fertilization that led to contrasting carbon availability: carbon-poor and carbon-rich soils, respectively

Monday, 2024/04/22 | 08:17:07

CRISPR/Cas13 systems are programmable tools for manipulating RNAs and are used in a variety of RNA-targeting applications. Within the Cas13 family, Cas13d is the most active subtype in mammalian cells. Recently, Cas13d was harnessed as an antiviral against diverse human RNA viruses. However, Cas13d is barely active in the cytosol of mammalian cells, restricting its activity to the nucleus, which limits applications such as programmable antivirals.

Sunday, 2024/04/21 | 07:16:58

Cultivating rice varieties with robust blast resistance is the most effective and economical way to manage the rice blast disease. However, rice blast disease comprises leaf and panicle blast, which are different in terms of resistance mechanisms. While many blast resistant rice cultivars were bred using genes conferring resistance to only leaf or panicle blast, mining durable and effective quantitative trait loci (QTLs) for both panicle and leaf blast resistance is of paramount importance.

Saturday, 2024/04/20 | 05:59:18

Coffea arabica, an allotetraploid hybrid of Coffea eugenioides and Coffea canephora, is the source of approximately 60% of coffee products worldwide, and its cultivated accessions have undergone several population bottlenecks. We present chromosome-level assemblies of a di-haploid C. arabica accession and modern representatives of its diploid progenitors, C. eugenioides and C. canephora. The three species exhibit largely conserved genome structures between diploid parents and descendant subgenomes, with no obvious global subgenome dominance.

Friday, 2024/04/19 | 08:48:22

Adenosine 3′,5′-cyclic monophosphate (cAMP) is a universal signaling molecule that acts as a second messenger in various organisms. It is well established that cAMP plays essential roles across the tree of life, although the function of cAMP in land plants has long been debated. We previously identified the enzyme with both adenylyl cyclase (AC) and cAMP phosphodiesterase (PDE) activity as the cAMP-synthesis/hydrolysis enzyme COMBINED AC with PDE (CAPE) in the liverwort Marchantia polymorpha.

Thursday, 2024/04/18 | 06:08:39

Excess soil salinity affects large regions of land and is a major hindrance to crop production worldwide. Therefore, understanding the molecular mechanisms of plant salt tolerance has scientific importance and practical significance. In recent decades, studies have characterized hundreds of genes associated with plant responses to salt stress in different plant species. These studies have substantially advanced our molecular and genetic understanding of salt tolerance in plants and have introduced an era of molecular design breeding of salt-tolerant crops.

Wednesday, 2024/04/17 | 08:17:02

Colorless silk is a key characteristic contributing to the visual quality of fresh corn intended for market distribution. Nonetheless, the identification of Mendelian trait loci and associated genes that control silk color has been scarce. In this study, a F2 population arising from the hybridization of the single-segment substitution line qSRC3MT1 with red silk, carrying an introgressed allele from teosinte (Zea mays ssp. mexicana),

Tuesday, 2024/04/16 | 08:48:28

Potatoes produce two major steroidal glycoalkoids α-solanine and α-chaconine that comprise about 95% of all the glycoalkaloids in the potatoes. Under the stressful conditions production of glycoalkaloids get amplified that can lead to toxic symptoms in humans, particularly when taken in excess of 200–400 mg in adults and 20–40 mg in children. Toxicity may lead number of neuro-metabolic disorders due to anticholinesterase activity and also cause cell membrane disturbance ultimately affecting the digestion and metabolism.

Monday, 2024/04/15 | 08:41:17

Branch number is a key yield-related quantitative trait that directly afects the number of pods and seeds per soybean plant. In this study, an integrated approach with a genome-wide association study (GWAS) and haplotype and candidate gene analyses was used to determine the detailed genetic basis of branch number across a diverse set of soybean accessions. The GWAS revealed a total of eleven SNPs signifcantly associated with branch number across three environments using the fve GWAS models.


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