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Research for improvement of amylose content of OM576 rice variety by SSR molecular marker (Author: Truong Quoc Anh, Truong Thi Tu Anh, Bui Chi Buu, Nguyen Thi Lang)
Thứ năm, 22-03-2012 | 14:23:59

Truong Quoc Anh(1), Truong Thi Tu Anh (1),
Bui Chi Buu (1), Nguyen Thi Lang (2)




OM576 is improved rice variety, that was obtained by selection from the lines derived from a cross between IR84 and Hungary rice for high grain yield, pest and disease resistance, adatability and good tolerance to Southern rice cultivation condition of Viet Nam, especially in the rice cultivation area of Mekong River Delta. However, this rice variety is low quality because of high amylose. It had been determined that amylose content is controlled by the Waxy locus on short arm of chromosome 6. In this study, amylose content of OM576 is improved by introgressing the Waxy gene region from VD20 rice variety - that has low amylose content by backcrossing method. Marker-assisted selection was applied to select the inviduals carrying parent’s allele from VD20 and OM576 varieties. RM190 and RM510 marker showing polymorphism between parents closely linked to the Waxy gene was surveyed the 100 individuals of BC2F1. Results showed that 53 individuals carrying intermediate amylose content, 35 individyals of high amylose and 12 exhibited low amylose. The level of correspondence between genotype and phenotype by marker RM190 showing heterozygous genotype Aa is 86.96%, and that by marker RM510 is 78%. This result may be useful for marker-assisted backcrossing to improve rice genotype for intermediate and low amylose content.


Key words: Amyloe content, locus Wx, molecular marker, MAS, PCR

From: Journal of Biotechnology

Volume 9, Special number 4A, 2011, page 651-658

Author: Truong Quoc Anh  Email: anh.tq@iasvn.org

(1) Insititute of Agricultural Science for Southern Vietnam

(2)Cuu Long Delta Rice Research Institute

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