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Wednesday, 2013/08/14 | 08:13:51

IndoBIC hosted a break to fasting event on the evening of July 24 to discuss the Islamic views on genetically modified products. Close to 36 participants from Indonesia Biosafety Commission officials, technical team of Biosafety Commission for GMO, officials from Indonesia Ministry of environment, and Croplife Indonesia participated in the event.

Tuesday, 2013/08/13 | 08:12:34

Scientists from Australia have identified a gene that provides resistance to leaf rust in some adult varieties of barley. The gene, known as Rph20 was tracked by conducting field trials in Australia and Uruguay. The scientists then developed a diagnostic DNA marker to determine the presence of the gene.

Monday, 2013/08/12 | 08:18:39

A research conducted at Purdue University has found that the compounds determining plants' characteristics such as tomato taste can be engineered to control production of these compounds in plants. The researchers studied terpenes, a class of volatile compounds important in fruit taste and plant flower scent, with the goal of producing large quantities of monoterpenes.

Monday, 2013/08/12 | 00:26:05

Paul Ilona, HarvestPlus Nigeria Country Manager was at the launch, and he said, "The national launch is a recognition that biofortified staple food crops such as vitamin A cassava can constitute an important component in the strategy to improve nutritional and public health outcomes in Nigeria".

Saturday, 2013/08/10 | 06:00:38

A study conducted in Stony Brook University revealed how plants respond and adapt to elevated levels of carbon dioxide (C02) and higher temperatures. The study, which has opened a new perspective in climate research, was led by researcher Qiong A. Liu, who found that elevated C02 and higher temperatures affect the aspect of gene expression that control flowering time and cell reproduction in plants.

Friday, 2013/08/09 | 08:27:03

Vitamin A cassava was formally launched in Nigeria on July 31 under the Agricultural Transformation Agenda of the Federal Government. Agriculture Minister Dr. Akin Adesina and representatives from the Ministry of Health led the event in Akwa-Ibom state which was attended by more than 2,000 farmers and other agriculture, nutrition and development stakeholders

Friday, 2013/08/09 | 08:24:58

Vietnam's Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) issued on May 16, 2013 Circular 8/2013/TT-BTNMT, providing the procedure for granting and revoking Certificates of Biosafety, reported the USDA FAS Global Agricultural Information Network

Thursday, 2013/08/08 | 10:12:51

An international team of crop scientists from Japan's National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences (NIAS) and the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) have identified a gene in rice called Deeper Rooting 1 (DRO1) that gives plants deeper roots, resulting in triple yields during droughts. Rice is highly susceptible to drought because of its shallow roots,

Wednesday, 2013/08/07 | 08:15:19

The Asian Food and Agribusiness Conference held on July 15-18, 2013 in Taipei, Taiwan carried the theme "Biotechnology and Global Competitiveness" and gathered around 100 key stakeholders such as government officials, professors, scientists, and private sector from countries in the Asia-Pacific, including India, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam

Tuesday, 2013/08/06 | 16:00:48

Sick children in hospital after eating a monocrotophos-contaminated meal in India and burying the dead. Pictures from http://goo.gl/TI9ws

Two recent headlines regarding the impact of pesticides on the environment and human health have raised some concerns. One describes the new links of fungicides, normally thought to have low effects on arthropods


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