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Thursday, 2023/06/08 | 08:14:44

Most public engagements of researchers and academics on gene editing are focused on its relevance in agriculture. Scientific literature, patent publications, and market reports have shown a sharp increase on its usage during the past decade. Since it is still a new technology, understanding public views and stakeholders' perspectives about gene editing is vital in projecting future applications.


Wednesday, 2023/06/07 | 08:15:02

Researchers from the University of California San Diego and Stanford University have provided insights into a new understanding of essential root chemicals that are responsible for plant growth. Using a mass spectrometer, the researchers produced a “roadmap” that shows the distribution of small molecules along stem cells of maize plant roots and how their placement factors into the plant's maturation.

Tuesday, 2023/06/06 | 08:32:05

The United States would like to cordially invite you to attend the APEC High Level Policy Dialogue on Agricultural Biotechnology's suite of events, to be held from July 26-31, 2023, (TBC), as part of the APEC Third Senior Officials Meeting. The events will build on the intersessional work of HLPDAB's APEC member economies in promoting science-based, risk proportionate regulations for products of agricultural biotechnology. The suite of hybrid events includes:


Monday, 2023/06/05 | 08:20:31

Researchers from public and private institutions are collaborating to manage the harmful effects of the Asian blue tick to cattle, which causes billions of dollars in losses globally. The partnership aims to provide farmers with a highly effective alternative from using chemicals to cope the pest. Oxitec will be working with the leading livestock research experts of the Roslin Institute to develop solutions against the invasive Asian blue tick (Rhipicephalus microplus). Using Oxitec's Friendly™ solution, the researchers will work to develop a self-limiting tick with a gene that will prevent its offspring from reaching adulthood.


Sunday, 2023/06/04 | 06:38:20

Acute food insecurity is set to potentially increase in magnitude and severity in 18 hunger “Hotspots” comprising a total of 22 countries, a new UN early warning report has found. The report spotlights the risk of a spill-over of the Sudan crisis - raising the risk of negative impacts in the neighbouring countries, shows that deepening economic shocks continue to drive low- and middle-income nations deeper into crisis, and warns that a likely El Niño climatic phenomenon is raising fears of climate extremes in vulnerable countries around the globe.

Saturday, 2023/06/03 | 05:45:21

Researchers from Sichuan Agricultural University, China, used gene editing to improve the nutritional value of Chinese kale. The results are published in Food Research International. Plant secondary metabolite glucoraphanin (GRA) generates a hydrolysis product that has potent anticancer activity. GRA is available in Chinese kale but only in trace amounts. To improve the GRA content of Chinese kale, three copies of the ALKENYL HYDROXALKYL PRODUCING 2 (AOP2) gene were isolated and edited using the CRISPR-Cas9 system.

Friday, 2023/06/02 | 08:13:47

As the European Commission's food safety service is finishing the long-awaited proposal on whether to loosen the rules on new genomic techniques (NGTs), member of the European Parliament (MEP) Norbert Lins said that the European Union (EU) must work towards regulation that enables the responsible use of new genomic techniques to innovate the farming sector while remaining centered around the precautionary principle.

Thursday, 2023/06/01 | 07:49:08

Pairwise announced the introduction of ConsciousTM Greens to some restaurants and outlets in selected areas in the United States (US). The vegetables were developed using the gene editing tool CRISPR and feature fresh leafy flavors that are more palatable to consumers with doubled nutrition of romaine. The blend of gene-edited vegetables was made available in Springfield, Massachusetts, Minneapolis, St. Paul, and St. Louis and will be shipping to other US grocery stores in the latter part of 2023.


Wednesday, 2023/05/31 | 07:46:07

Scientists from the University of Geneva found evidence that some evolutionary gaps do not require large changes in genome composition or expression. Rather, it only takes a transient expression in one gene to produce a cascade of development events such as permanently turning scales in chicken feet to feathers. Existing literature states that embryonic development of skin appendages of different species begins in a similar way – cells express particular genes to develop structures and produce a localized thickening on the skin surface.

Tuesday, 2023/05/30 | 08:17:16

Scientists from Hiroshima University produced OVM knocked out chickens (colored chickens) using genome editing tools. Photo Source: Ryo Ezaki, et al./Food and Chemical Toxicology. Researchers in Japan have created a gene-edited allergen-free chicken egg called the OVM-knockout that may be safe for people who are allergic to egg whites. The researchers used genome editing to produce the egg without the protein ovomucoid, which accounts for approximately 11% of all the protein in egg whites.



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