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Monday, 2020/11/30 | 08:34:41

The Federal Government of Nigeria is counting on agricultural technology to help deliver food security solutions and address challenges brought by climate change. In his speech during this year's Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology in Africa (OFAB)-Nigeria Media Awards, Nigeria‘s Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Alhaji Sabo Nanono stressed that the country is relying on the contribution of genetic modification (GM) technology to improve the quality of food crops and benefit the Nigerian community.

Sunday, 2020/11/29 | 07:36:05

Widespread male migration from rural areas is one of the most important forces shaping agrarian transformation in Nepal. One particularly important area affected is the governance and management of local public goods, especially irrigation systems. Given the crucial role of irrigation in agricultural productivity and food security, attention to gender in irrigation governance is not only necessary for existing systems, but also opens potential new opportunities for sustainable and inclusive development in rural Nepal.

Saturday, 2020/11/28 | 07:52:00

To help stakeholders understand the impact of genetically modified (GM) crops on the environment, a technical forum on Greener Greens: Environmental Impact of Biotech Crops will be held on November 23, 2020, 2-4 PM (GMT+8) via Zoom. The technical forum is one of the activities for the 16th National Biotechnology Week (NBW2020) in the Philippines. The NBW2020 celebration is led by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, in collaboration with other government agencies and partner institutions.

Friday, 2020/11/27 | 08:27:24

The Australian Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) invites comments from the public to assess license application DIR 176 from PTM Solutions Australia Pty Ltd to conduct a field trial of white clover genetically modified for increased condensed tannins in leaves. The field trial is proposed to be conducted in up to four sites per year, with a maximum total area of one hectare per year, over five and a half years. Sites will be selected from 117 local government areas. The GM white clover grown in this field trial would not be used for human food or animal feed.

Thursday, 2020/11/26 | 08:43:00

Researchers from Texas A&M AgriLife have made a discovery that will help fight fastidious pathogens costing U.S. agriculture billions of dollars annually. For years, research scientist and associate professor Dr. Kranthi Mandadi and his colleagues at the Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension in Weslaco have been working on developing new biological technologies to fight fastidious or "unculturable" pathogens. Now they have developed a new screening method to expedite solutions for citrus greening and other ‘fastidious' diseases.

Wednesday, 2020/11/25 | 08:36:23

When the Svalbard Global Seed Vault opened in 2008, the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) then based at Tel Hadia, just outside Aleppo, Syria, was among the first genebanks to deposit safety duplicates of its seeds. The ICARDA genebank had the largest collection of crop diversity from the Fertile Crescent, including barley, durum wheat, faba bean, chickpea, and lentil. Little did the Seed Vault's creators realize that the first withdrawal of seeds would come so soon.

Tuesday, 2020/11/24 | 08:46:12

The global CRISPR gene editing market is increasing gradually with a healthy compound annual growth rate of 23.35% from 2019 to 2026. The market growth is attributed to the growing prevalence of cancer worldwide and the expanding application of CRISPR technology by various academic institutions. These data are included in the market report released by Data Bridge Market Research.

Monday, 2020/11/23 | 08:41:29

A study documented the benefits of genetically modified (GM) maize in the South American country of Honduras. Higher yield and income, and easier crop management were the farmers' top reasons for their positive opinions toward transgenic corn. The objective of the study was to document and determine the knowledge, perceptions, opinions, and attitudes of Honduran farmers towards GM maize.

Sunday, 2020/11/22 | 06:40:14

Only 1.7 per cent of climate finance – a fraction of what is needed - goes to small-scale farmers in developing countries despite their disproportionate vulnerability to the impacts of climate change, according to a report released by the UN’s International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) today. Examining the Climate Finance Gap for Small-Scale Agriculture is the first detailed analysis of climate finance flows to small-scale farmers.

Saturday, 2020/11/21 | 06:59:26

It was the competition among buyers that increased the price for heavier goats of good quality, while the goats of poor quality fetched low prices,” observed Mr Bictor Chimtondo, a goat rearing farmer, during an auction at Kachala market in Malawi. With vibrant goat markets and growing goat populations, the demand for goat meat is increasing in urban and rural areas in Malawi. Despite their growing importance as source of nutritious meat and income, goat value chains remain poorly commercialized.


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